Two Way Radios For The Security Industry

Discover why security companies trust the Radio Company to deliver radio communications solutions

Sound Clarity

Crystal-clear communication with features to optimise sound levels and suppress background noises.

Built Rugged

Radios that meet military standards for durability and reliability. Plus, digital offers 40% longer battery life.

Location Services

Our digital radios can track the location of vehicles and personnel through integrated GPS in MOTOTRBO radios.

Security Solutions

The Radio Company offers mobile workstations, body cameras, car video, dispatch consoles and more.

Call or email one of our experienced team to discuss how we can support your organisation with robust and reliable radio equipment, 24/7/365 support and applications such as Guard Tour Management and Man Down.

Security teams depend on instant communication at all times in order to handle any situation. Real or potential threats like fire alarms, intruders or suspect packages mean instantaneous, clear communication is essential. Security teams need to coordinate their responses to threats across large areas and into the more remote sections of large buildings.

For more than 20 years, The Radio Company has been trusted by a wide range of 'blue chip' security companies to deliver exceptional radio communications solutions.


Security teams depend upon seamless and instantaneous communication in order to maintain safe and welcoming environments for clients. When an incident occurs, clear, quick and discreet communication is essential. By giving security staff the right devices and information, they can guide clients to safety and provide real-time updates. Our rugged radios with clear coverage in buildings and across facilities, hands-free accessories and leading applications help your operation stay safe.


Communication solutions adapted to your needs can make the difference between safe and dangerous operations. Our portfolio ensures that your security staff have effective and instantaneous communications no matter the situation. Hand Portable Radios Mobile Radios Wired & Bluetooth Earpieces Industry Specific Applications - Guard Tour Management

The improved range of Motorola MOTOTRBO radios offer:

  • Intelligent Audio- adjusts volume automatically in line with fluctuating background noise.
  • Indoor and outdoor location tracking- finds people quickly, outside in the grounds or in the back-of-house area.
  • Integrated accelerometer- detects movements and issues alerts if the staff member appears to have fallen or be motionless.

These dramatic enhancements to our MOTOTRBO portfolio deliver the audio quality, coverage, battery life and built-in intelligence that help safety and security teams to protect staff, assets and property around the clock.

Security Industry Two Way Radio Products & Services

Supporting The Security Industry

Being a security guard can be a risky job, so it is important to be properly equipped and to have the right level of protection. Nothing quite fulfils those two requirements like a robust and reliable Motorola Two-Way Radio.

Two-way radios can save the life of security personnel or enable a user to save the lives of others by connecting them immediately to colleagues, controllers or first responders and enabling them to take part in a co-ordinated response to any incident.

Choices about which radio and feature set is right for the job will depend on the nature of the role and the perceived level of risk involved. The security industry covers a broad range of job specifications and activities, some of which involve working in teams, others will require security personnel to work alone.

Two Way Radio

Motorola seamless communication solutions help preempt potential hazards with one-to-one or one-to-many calling. Radios have emergency safety features and FM-approved batteries for use in locations where flammable vapors, combustible dust and other explosives exist. Emergency notification lets drivers notify dispatch of a situation with just a push of the button. Seamless roaming lets drivers stay focused on the road instead of switching channels.


The Radio Company can help you address the challenges of implementing complex systems and devices with a comprehensive suite of services – from design, integration, security and deployment to day-to-day operations. Maximize your system’s availability and equipment uptime with the right level of services you need to manage ever-changing technology and network complexities so you can focus on security operations.


Work safely and securely with accessories tailored for maximum ease. Our complete portfolio has unique features designed to optimize the performance of your MOTOTRBO radio. Wireless accessories free your service workers to interact safely, and a full range of Bluetooth® compatible accessories enable flexibility and ensure safety.


Industry-leading applications are as integral to your operation as radios. By partnering with the top names, you have access to apps designed to improve improve safety, increase efficiency and accelerate productivity. Track vehicle data and share information when voice communication isn't practical. Extend your reach to users with a smart phone or mobile device, anywhere they go.


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