Two Way Radios For The Construction Industry

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Cost, and Go Green with Motorola Two-way Radios

Motorola Radios For The Construction Industry


With material costs increasing, profit margins decreasing and the battle for bids at an all-time high, construction contractors are looking for innovative ways to compete. As the economy continues to tighten, customers continue to demand lower costs, tighter schedules and even give preference to contractors who employ “green” construction services.

Versatile and powerful, Motorola two-way radios can help you respond to those challenges by helping you increase efficiency, safety and work crew productivity. Keeping your work crews in touch with instant communications and no monthly service fees, Motorola two-way radios minimize downtime and lower costs. Emergency features enhance worker safety. Noise cancelling features deliver crystal clear audio, even in the noisiest environment. Intrinsically safe design allows communications in locations where flammable gas and combustible dust may be present. And better battery technology extends battery life throughout long shifts.

Staying competitive means maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs

Businesses around the country are currently wrestling with the ongoing economic challenges, probably more so in the construction industry. Staying competitive and keeping the operation moving forward requires the ability maximize productivity and minimize costs. This means the ability to monitor and coordinate work crews, whether on a single site or over multiple sites. It means reacting quickly to last minute changes. It means hearing clear voice messages, even in the noisy environment of a busy construction site. It means minimizing downtime by keeping your work crews safe. And it means maintaining instant contact with your work crews to avoid material waste or construction mistakes.

The Case For Two-Way Radios

A common thread that links these challenges together is the need for effective communication. Motorola’s flexible portfolio of two-way radios and accessories offer a range of communication solutions that meet your unique needs and help you cut through the communication obstacles you face on a daily basis. Radio accessories enable hands-free operation for greater task efficiency, audio that can be heard over loud machinery, and batteries that last throughout a work shift.

Whether your operation involves general industrial construction, commercial and residential construction; infrastructure projects like roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels; or you are an electrical, plumbing, carpentry, or HVAC professional, Motorola has the right-sized and right-featured radio for your unique business. Each radio family offers a cost-effective solution over “pay as you go” technology with no service fees and no dependence upon cell tower location. Each radio is designed to withstand the challenges of a construction site, including intrinsically safe radios that can operate in hazardous environments and rugged radios that can withstand weather extremes.

Think ‘Green’

According to McGraw-Hill Construction, builders who offer green construction services are in high demand:

  • 40% of builders think green building helps them market their homes in a down market.
  • Green projects represent 10% of projects for about one-third of builders.
  • Green building is not just about reducing energy costs; in fact, builders say that product “quality” is the number one reason for building green.

Motorola solutions support the green philosophy. Efficient communication can help eliminate wasted resources, by tracking employees, equipment or deliveries to maximize workflow and avoiding unnecessary trips. Better productivity that can reduce energy use is a timely message for the green building movement.

Motorola Two-Way Radios Deliver Real Value

Supporting The Construction Industry

Delivering the right radio for the right job with the superior quality Motorola is known for is what we are all about.

Enhanced productivity

Push-to-talk applications enable immediate communication with work crews, allowing supervisors to react to changing customer demands, weather alerts, and other unexpected criteria.

Improved worker safety

Preempt potential hazards with one-to-one or one-to-many calling. Many Motorola radios include emergency calling and intrinsically safe design features to provide reliable two-way radio communications in locations where flammable gas and combustible dust are present. If a worker needs assistance, the emergency alert feature provides rapid notification and enables immediate response. And transmit interrupt capability enables multiple talkgroup conversations to be interrupted for the delivery of urgent messages in an emergency.

Communicate in loud environments

Digital radios overcome the high decibel environment of a construction site with noise suppression technology that limits background noise. And when paired with Motorola’s IMPRES audio accessories, noise suppression is increased even further. And when traditional voice communication is simply not possible, text messaging provides an effective alternative.

Minimize delays

Construction supervisors can immediately contact work crews to notify them of change orders or potential errors in the building process. This helps avoid critical schedule delays and reduces waste, both of which help contain cost.


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