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Whether a large, multi-site NHS Trust Hospital, a Healthcare Centre or Care Home, The Radio Company can deliver a bespoke radio communications system specifically tailored to the individual needs of the healthcare sector.

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Motorola Radios For The Healthcare Sector


Healthcare organizations have the ultimate responsibility: caring for human lives. Your teams work every day to make sure the patients in your organization receive the best care and achieve patient satisfaction in a non-stop and unpredictable environment. Your facility faces security challenges unlike any other enterprise. Patients, visitors and staff coming and going 24x7. Valuable assets like pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to be secured and monitored. Patients to be cared for and protected.

Motorola Solutions is right there with you in your efforts to provide the best healthcare, while still meeting security requirements and protecting the staff, visitors and patients in your care. With Motorola Solutions Team Communications, transform your organization with the ability to immediately connect your teams on any device, anywhere, at any time, with the added intelligence to make faster and more informed decisions.

Healthcare providers worldwide are moving to a comprehensive communication plan of two-way radios, systems, applications, accessories and services. Across all of your sensitive security areas, partner with us to build a robust communications plan that allows for both emergency and day-to-day communications to make you more efficient, secure and safe.


Whether you are a security officer on-site with an aggravated patient, or housekeeping turning over a patient room, or even an administrator dealing with large-scale emergencies such as extreme weather, nothing is faster than push-to-talk (PTT) communications. Two-way radios keep teams connected with impressive range, long-lasting battery life, and intelligent audio, so you are able to hear and be heard clearly when you need to communicate most. Discreet audio accessories ensure covert communications, so you’re ready to respond if necessary, but can also prevent situations from escalating. For healthcare organizations, every second counts - if you’re not communicating now, it may not be fast enough.


Now more than ever, healthcare institutions need to communicate with each other to coordinate a response in the most efficient way possible. Hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and local public safety agencies all need to connect, no matter the network they are on or device they are using. When you need to communicate beyond your radio network, extend your reach with the WAVE™ broadband push-to-talk application. Accessible from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, WAVE connects security personnel with individuals off-site or within their facility who may not need to carry a two-way radio on a daily basis. Connect instantly anywhere, with anyone, on any device, so in the event of an emergency you have tailored and targeted communication for an efficient response.



The flow of data in a healthcare organization is constant. Patient, staff, security, and incident information creates a large amount of reporting and documentation. Purpose-built applications help your teams communicate with added intelligence, reduce their paperwork burden, and harness the information at their fingertips to make business more efficient and improve outcomes.Healthcare facilities constantly have people coming and going. Securing your premises can take a lot of time and staff hours, and grows increasingly difficult with your facility’s size. In these critical moments, security personnel do not have time to sift through important documents or run around to dispatch the correct teams. Simplify your security operations with one, easy-to-use platform for quick access to complete and accurate data. Ally™ is a single platform that allows you to manage incident records and dispatch, communicate instantly across devices, and make proactive planning decisions. A suite of Avigilon surveillance cameras, Avigilon Control Center™ (ACC) video management software, and an Avigilon Access Control Manager™ (ACM) system can provide a complete Healthcare security solution across your facility. Avigilon cameras featuring self-learning video analytics recognize the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles, while ignoring any activity that isn’t relevant to a scene. Unusual events — such as a visitor in an off-limits area — will automatically trigger an alarm notification in ACC™, focusing the operator’s attention on the events that matter the most. In the event you need to locate a specific individual, operators can also use Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology to easily sort through hours of video and quickly locate a particular person or vehicle of interest across your entire property.


To get the most out of your two-way radio investment, MOTOTRBO Essential Services includes access to software updates, premium features and hardware repair. Regular software updates enhance the security and functionality of your communications and extend the lifespan of your system and devices. Premium software features allow you to go beyond voice, so the right teams have the right features enabled for added safety and efficiency. Whether your security teams need indoor location tracking, or your maintenance crew requires text to speech, you can choose from the premium features included with your radio for a device that can do so much more than push-to-talk communication. With expert hardware repair, all radios and infrastructure are returned to factory specifications and expedited back to you, so you can keep operations running smoothly. With MOTOTRBO Essential Services, communicate with the confidence that the right users have the right features, your communications are secure and optimized, and you have a maintenance plan you can depend on.

Motorola Two-Way Radios Ensure Safety & Security

Supporting The Healthcare Sector



of workplace assaults occur in healthcare settings.Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)


of assaults against healthcare workers are attributed to patients or customers.
Journal of Healthcare Protection Management

Motorola Radios For The Healthcare Sector


of hospitals surveyed planned to invest in video surveillance solutions in 2018.
Campus Safety Hospital Security Survey


of hospitals surveyed conduct an annual risk assessment.
IAHSS Hospital Security Survey


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