Long Term Radio and System Hire

Long term hire of two-way radios is a particularly cost effective way of providing the most modern and feature rich equipment for any site, building, project or event.

Long Term Hire Equipment Range

With a large fleet of analogue and digital Motorola two-way radios, The Radio Company is able to meet a wide range of diverse needs and deliver exceptional radio communications equipment and systems. We can provide complete bespoke radio systems to suit all budgets based on 1, 3 and 5 years. All Long Term Hire plans come with full after sales support and a dedicated Account Manager. Unrivaled experience, a rare level of technical expertise and a passion for quality of service combine to ensure our customers find the right solution to their communications problems and achieve critical communications goals.

Long Term Hire Process

Through each stage of the process, radio system design and delivery, initial site visit, design, testing and delivery and sales support and maintenance aftercare, our specialist team of experienced Engineers will ensure that your project runs smoothly. Robust and reliable communications are critical to the operation of your building or site and The Radio Company will be on hand with support packages, including 24/7/365 to respond to any issues and minimise disruption and inconvenience. With the technical skills and experience to design and build custom solutions, we can tailor systems to individual clients’ requirements to suit your exact specification.


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Benefits Of Two-Way Radio Hire

Managing a public event/display can be quite demanding and the use of two way radios can be critical in ensuring that these events run smoothly. Most organisations will not own their own two way radio equipment, so a cost effective option for them is to hire.

Many organisations in the UK use two way radios for the first time when they hire radios to run a small event such as a country fayre, show, fete, sporting event etc. Hiring two way radios is the best solution as it is on a short term basis. A short term radio hire requires no capital outlay, you only pay when you need and use them. They also provide an effective way for your team to communicate with each other around a site, contributing to a well run event as well as supporting the health and safety activities for both your team and guests.

Two way radios, by the way they operate allow your team to communicate with each other at the same time without the difficult task of contacting your team individually on a mobile phone. It’s a simple, press the ‘Push to Talk’ button and everyone on your channel can hear you, which is especially useful if you need to get important directions to the team quickly and clearly. Additional channels can be programmed into the radio so that you can manage your team in groups e.g. you could have channel one for everyone, channel two for security, channel three for car parking and channel four for the management team and so on. By just selecting a channel you can call those who need to hear your instructions.

Hiring radios on a short term basis also means that you can get to use the latest radio technology with much less commitment than if you were going to purchase them outright. If you like what you are using, and think that they can provide value to your organisation, you can consider putting them on a longer term hire or even an outright purchase.

The Radio Company has an extensive hire fleet which provides a convenient yet economical solution for a short term as well as longer term requirements. This is especially useful if you are seasonal business and you need to use radios for a longer period. We have extensive industry experience and can provide anything from simple, basic two way radios to a complicated multi-channel business radio system. More importantly we have local knowledge and will understand your specific needs to give you the right system.

  • Latest technology – you get the most appropriate equipment for the project
  • No capital outlay – pay only for what you use
  • Repairs and replacements are quick and easy
  • Support and set-up is included
  • Short and Long Term contracts
  • Availability of multiple frequencies/channels
  • Licensed equipment more power when compared with PMR446 (License Free) equipment

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