Hire Preparation & Support Services

The Radio Company has more than 30 years experience advising and supporting clients from first contact through to project completion to ensure the best possible voice communications contribute to a successful project..


  • Coverage Survey

    A coverage survey ensures good communications can be achieved across larger areas or buildings. The survey checks signal strength and identifies problem areas which may require supporting infrastructure or specialist equipment.

  • Radio Equipment Specification

    The qualified and experienced team at The Radio Company is able to match the right equipment to each individual project or requirement. Radio communications solutions which meet needs, as opposed to a generic off-the-shelf solution, are essential for a successful project.

  • Frequency Management

    The Radio Company can deliver radio equipment with a range of UHF and VHF frequencies to suit each individual project and to ensure compliance with OFCOM requlations. We are also able to apply for event specific licenses and for licenses to use equipment in a host of countries around the world.

During Hire

  • Equipment Configuration

    Our Engineers will ensure that radio equipment is configured and programmed to meet the individual needs and requirements of each project or event.

  • Equipment Labelling

    Each hand portable or mobile radio is labelled to identify it as a Radio Company Asset, the label has additional room to note a user name, reference or department to aid allocation and, in turn, reduce losses.

  • Equipment Allocation

    A simple, PC based software system is available, using barcodes, to record and allocate radio equipment to individual users.

  • On Site Support

    For larger or more complex hire projects we can supply on-site Engineer(s) to help and advise during installation and, for peace of mind, throughout the project or event. We can also supply additional support to assist with equipment allocation or project management.

Post Hire

  • De-Installtion & Breakdown

    At the end of an event or project we can supply staff or Engineers to assist with de-installation and equipment breakdown and collection.

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