MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect

Motorola IP Site Connect

Extend your reach, improve your performance.

A reliable IP solution for MOTOTRBO systems.

Does your business need to communicate across dispersed geographical locations, across a large area with physical barriers or have seamless coverage within a high-rise building? IP Site Connect enables you to extend the reach of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system to do just that. This software allows you to link several single-site systems via a standard IP network, opening the door to uninterrupted voice and data communication without geographical limitations. With IP Site Connect you don’t have to worry about physical barriers, manual intervention for roaming, limited coverage or lost functionality. And there are no monthly service or access fees to factor in. All that’s required is an IP connection and a desire for extended communication coverage.

Link repeaters, locations and people.

IP Site Connect:

IP Site Connect, a digital feature of MOTOTRBO, enables you to link up to 15 repeaters at a single site or across multiple locations, instantly creating a reliable local- and wide-area communications network.* Now, a user at one of your coverage locations can share business-critical voice and data with users at any of your other geographical locations, anywhere in the world. You can also create continuous wide-area communication by linking adjoining coverage areas or eliminate the impact of physical barriers at a single site you simply share your voice and data via an IP network using MOTOTRBO radios.

Share voice and data across geographically dispersed facilities

  • Eliminate the impact of many common physical barriers, such as tall buildings or mountains, by networking users together through an IP connection
  • Allows you to share voice and data applications such as text messaging or GPS-location tracking across an unlimited geographical area
  • Expands coverage for conventional users by allowing you to network multiple repeaters at a single site or dispersed locations
  • Gives system administrators the ability to monitor and control repeaters within your analogue or digital system
  • Keys up all radios on a wide area channel, allowing users to monitor communications from remote locations in their network
  • Enables users to seamlessly roam between sites of a wide area system without having to physically change channels
  • Utilise new MOTOTRBO radios, repeaters and data applications or existing MOTOTRBO equipment via software upgrade
  • Improves overall business communications and visibility by allowing you to track or send a message to any device in a wide area from a single server

*Using IP Site Connect as a wide-area network by linking up to 15 repeaters, does not increase system capacity. The number of users is limited to the same capacity as a single-site channel and is determined by the amount of voice and data transmissions for that channel; however, your existing capacity can now be extended to disperse geographical locations anywhere in the world.

Motorola IP Site Connect Industry ImageMotorola IP Site Connect Industry ImageMotorola IP Site Connect Industry Image

Link MOTOTRBO users anywhere in the world.

IP Site Connect can extend the reach of your MOTOTRBO systems to locations virtually anywhere in the world. For example, MOTOTRBO users at a manufacturing plant in Germany can communicate in real-time with workers at up to 14 other warehouses, distribution centres or satellite locations scattered across multiple cities, states, countries or continents. You can also eliminate issues caused by interference and physical barriers such as equipment, buildings, mountains or other structures. All that’s required are MOTOTRBO radios and a networked repeater at each location.

Enhance campus-wide coverage.

In a campus setting, two-way radio communication systems can face a number of logistical and operational challenges. For example, in a large resort or institution, users can experience communication difficulties due to the presence of buildings or metal structures, effectively cutting them off from other colleagues. IP Site Connect can eliminate the problem completely by networking your system through an IP network, creating continuous umbrella-like coverage for your business. With repeaters strategically located throughout the campus you ensure uninterrupted coverage and unrestricted mobility both inside and outside. Users across the campus can share voice and data quickly, improving everything from security to safety to customer satisfaction.

A simple solution for single site communications.

IP Site Connect enhances your MOTOTRBO two-way coverage in a number of important ways. For example, an entire high-rise structure such as an office or hotel can provide seamless voice and data coverage with just a fraction of the repeaters typically required. The automatic site-roaming feature also eliminates the need for users to physically change channels as they move through the building, dramatically improving communication and productivity.

Expand your coverage, enhance your two-way communication.

MOTOTRBO's IP Site Connect enables you to expand the coverage of your two-way radio communication system. By utilising this feature, you can extend the voice and data communication reach of your workforce, even across geographically dispersed locations on different frequency bands and with no monthly service fees. Whether you need to communicate among geographically dispersed locations, automatically roam from one coverage area to another with no manual intervention or on a single site containing physical barriers, IP Site Connect enables you to communicate and share data resulting in improved customer service and increased productivity for your business.