TurboTact Telephone Interconnect for MotoTRBO

TURBOTACT, the Telephone Access Control Terminal, interconnects a MOTOTRBO two-way radio system to an IP telephone system, an ordinary telephone line, or PABX extension. It allows you to make and receive telephone calls on your MOTOTRBO Motorola professional digital two-way radio mobiles and hand-helds. Other features include alarm dialer and relay control functions, and analog mode for fleets in the analog - digital migration stage.


Introducing TURBOTACT - the most powerful, yet simple to use telephone interconnect ever made.

  • All call, group call and private call capable
  • Half duplex - radio user has full voice path control using TX Interrupt
  • Talk to any telephone in the world
  • Last number redial
  • 100 speed dial numbers
  • Automatic disconnect
  • Record output for recording radio-telephone calls
  • Alarm dialer and controllable relay outputs
  • Analog mode for fleets still using analog transmission