Benefits Of Two Way Radio Hire

Managing a public event/display can be quite demanding and the use of two way radios can be critical in ensuring that these events run smoothly. Most organisations will not own their own two way radio equipment, so a cost effective option for them is to hire.

Many organisations in the UK use two way radios for the first time when they hire radios to run a small event such as a country fayre, show, fete, sporting event etc. Hiring two way radios is the best solution as it is on a short term basis. A short term radio hire requires no capital outlay, you only pay when you need and use them. They also provide an effective way for your team to communicate with each other around a site, contributing to a well run event as well as supporting the health and safety activities for both your team and guests.

Two way radios, by the way they operate allow your team to communicate with each other at the same time without the difficult task of contacting your team individually on a mobile phone. It’s a simple, press the ‘Push to Talk’ button and everyone on your channel can hear you, which is especially useful if you need to get important directions to the team quickly and clearly. Additional channels can be programmed into the radio so that you can manage your team in groups e.g. you could have channel one for everyone, channel two for security, channel three for car parking and channel four for the management team and so on. By just selecting a channel you can call those who need to hear your instructions.

Hiring radios on a short term basis also means that you can get to use the latest radio technology with much less commitment than if you were going to purchase them outright. If you like what you are using, and think that they can provide value to your organisation, you can consider putting them on a longer term hire or even an outright purchase.

The Radio Company has an extensive hire fleet which provides a convenient yet economical solution for a short term as well as longer term requirements. This is especially useful if you are seasonal business and you need to use radios for a longer period. We have extensive industry experience and can provide anything from simple, basic two way radios to a complicated multi-channel business radio system. More importantly we have local knowledge and will understand your specific needs to give you the right system.

  • Latest technology – you get the most appropriate equipment for the project
  • No capital outlay – pay only for what you use
  • Repairs and replacements are quick and easy
  • Support and set-up is included
  • Short and Long Term contracts
  • Availability of multiple frequencies/channels
  • Licensed equipment more power when compared with PMR446 (License Free) equipment

Benefits Of Using Walkie Talkies

Two way radios continue to represent the communication lifeline for millions of mobile workers today. From manufacturing plants to transportation companies, from municipalities to school campuses, two-way radios embody and characterize the rigorous reliability, durability, and availability expectations prevalent in a broad range of environments. Requirements for business-critical mobile communications devices include the following:

Cost of ownership

Without monthly service fees, two-way radios offer a significantly lower total cost of ownership when compared directly to smartphones and other cellular connected devices, which carry monthly service fees.

Enhanced worker safety

For scenarios where worker safety is critical, the always-on capabilities of two-way radios are invaluable, especially during emergencies. According to research, 65% of enterprise respondents view the ability to protect workers with safety features as a critical requirement when selecting communications systems for mobile workers.

Battery Life and Management

A major requirement for business-critical communication solutions is a strong all-shift battery performance without significant design implications. The desired target is between 10 to 12 hours continuous operation. According to research, 65% of enterprise mobile users today indicate that their cell phone batteries “ frequently ” or “ occasionally ” do not last the full shift. Two - way radios can continue to function well into the second shift.

Durability and reliability

Based on their design and portable use cases , the risks of damaging a consumer mobile device are great, increasing the premium for durability. Annual failure rates of consumer mobile devices supporting target applications was recently measured by Research at 18 - 20 %, substantially higher than the 4 - 8 % of rugged two - way radios . Consequences of consumer mobile device failure, especially for highly optimized mobile applications and workflows , include a significant disruption to workflows and lost productivity a s well as the negative impact on customer service and employee safety .

Audio quality

The level of ambient noise – especially in environments like manufacturing plants – can render many mobile communications devices ineffective. More than six in ten organizations state the need to “hear clearly in noisy environments” as an important communication system feature. Voice quality on two - way digital radios is further enhanced by sophisticated software algorithms and background noise suppression which ensures that clear voice is delivered in even the most extreme scenarios.

Support of specialized mobile workflows

Safety capabilities of two - way radios addressing lone worker and man - down situations for field workers represent a critical lifeline for these individuals.

Group communications

With the need to improve employee collaboration and significantly accelerate resolution time, a key benefit of two - way radios is the “one to o many” group communication function and the ability to instantly connect people. According to research, more than seven in ten organizations identify this capability as a critical communication system requirement.

Value adding features and functionality

Many modern two - way digital radios offer addition integrated features such as GPS and text messaging . In addition, other innovative workplace applications , such as location tracking and providing instant notifications when assets malfunction, are adding to the overall value proposition of two - way radios.

Enterprise - class accessory ecosystem

Providing a variety of accessories – from mounting brackets to hands - free data collection solutions and carrying cases, two - way radios offer a broad accessory portfolio closely aligned with enterprise use cases and target applications.