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MOTOTRBO™ Anywhere

on Wednesday, 18 September 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

MOTOTRBO™ Anywhere Bridges the Communication Gap to Mobile Devices

Motorola Solutions redefines digital communications with new mobile app and gateway solution that helps people connect virtually without limits

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – Sept 17, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced that work teams can now connect on a new level with MOTOTRBO™ Anywhere. This new solution builds on the success of the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio portfolio to extend reach, enhance choice and increase flexibility. MOTOTRBO Anywhere allows workers to communicate with MOTOTRBO radio users and talk-groups with an easy-to-use application on their Android or iOS smartphones, which connects via a wireline gateway to the MOTOTRBO radio network. Organizations can now leverage their reliable MOTOTRBO network to extend communications to other mobile broadband devices to improve collaboration and efficiency.

For example, busy professionals such as manufacturing plant managers usually carry a mobile device to manage emails and phone calls on the move. With MOTOTRBO Anywhere, they can now use the same device to communicate with MOTOTRBO radio users in the business, whether the manager is on-site or outside the MOTOTRBO coverage area. Unlike other push-to-talk applications, MOTOTRBO Anywhere is integrated into the radio system infrastructure to deliver system scalability and a much more radio-like experience. Users get reliable, highly secure, business-critical communications, whether connecting via cellular networks or Wi-Fi.


  • MOTOTRBO two-way voice and data radios have exceptional voice quality, long battery life, and one of the industry’s largest application developer programs. MOTOTRBO is the technology of choice for instant communications within enterprises. The new MOTOTRBO Anywhere solution enhances the value of the portfolio to customers who need greater reach, choice and flexibility.
  • MOTOTRBO Anywhere is engineered around real customer requirements to be highly reliable, scalable and flexible. The solution can accommodate hundreds of users, and every user can be configured with a unique profile, defining talk-groups and private call capabilities.
  • MOTOTRBO Anywhere is a flexible solution capable of working across carriers, locations, and devices. This enables customers to communicate with their MOTOTRBO network from wherever their business takes them.
  • The system is easy to configure, and new users can be provisioned quickly. Access is secure, and the system administrator remains in control at all times.
  • Motorola offers a flexible purchasing model, allowing customers to deploy a small system today and expand it as their business grows. MOTOTRBO Anywhere will initially be offered for MOTOTRBO Connect Plus systems in the United States and Canada and will be available for deployment in the fourth quarter.
  • The introduction of MOTOTRBO Anywhere is consistent with Motorola’s strategy to enable broadband push-to-talk (PTT) as a complementary feature across land mobile radio (LMR) platforms. Read about our existing broadband PTT offering for ASTRO® 25.


Mark Kroh, vice president of North America Channels, Motorola Solutions,
“Our customers asked us for a high-quality solution that connects their mobile device to a MOTOTRBO network, and we have delivered. Extending PTT technology to new user segments such as manufacturing plant managers significantly enhances the value of MOTOTRBO for our customers and partners. With integrated architecture and an easy-to-use, scalable gateway, MOTOTRBO Anywhere extends instant business-critical communications so workers can connect virtually without limits.”

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More Than 2 Million Users Worldwide Trust TETRA Radio Terminals from Motorola Solutions

on Wednesday, 13 February 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Global landmark paves way for continued growth and expansion for 2013 and beyond

Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI), a world leader in the development and deployment of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) communication solutions, today announced that it has shipped its 2 millionth TETRA digital radio terminal. This milestone was reached in less than four years, half the time it took to reach the first milestone of 1 million units bought by customers.

The increasing rate of shipment for TETRA terminals highlights the accelerating growth of the worldwide user base depending on reliable TETRA digital radio technology and the continued market recognition of Motorola’s pioneering position in the development of innovative TETRA solutions.

The strength and maturity of this market also is reflected in the pace of innovation brought to users. In recent months Motorola has introduced the MTM5200 and MTM5500 TETRA mobile radios as well as the new MTP6550, one of the most advanced TETRA portable radio in the world. The new additions are all capable of supporting TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS), a mission-critical resilient and secure data service compliant with the ETSI TETRA standard. The new devices will ensure that investments made in TETRA today will be able to support data services in the future, which through TEDS provide up to 20 times faster access to back-office applications, such as business intelligence and databases.

The latest customers from around the world who have chosen TETRA radio terminals from Motorola Solutions include Metro Service in Denmark and Bangalore International Airport Limited in India.

The new radios (TEDS)

on Wednesday, 13 February 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola announces new high-tech mobile radios (MTM 5200 and MTM 5500)

Motorola has unveiled the MTM 5200 and MTM 5500 TETRA mobile radios and the MTP6550 TETRA portable radio. The new additions are all capable of supporting TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS).

The MTP 6550 is a TEDS-ready TETRA handheld radio, delivering real-time data access in the field. Key features include push services to allow dispatchers to deliver messages directly to radio screens, radio call out requiring a mandatory acknowledgement of message delivery, and built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio and connectivity to collaborative data devices, for example – using a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) for more complex forms or using scanners for ID checks.

The MTM 5200 and MTM 5500 complement the existing MTM 5400 TETRA mobile radio. The series offers a choice of different form factors and capabilities to suit different operational environments today and device-readiness to exploit the higher speed data services provided by TEDS networks.

The MTM 5500 also includes integrated Direct Mode Operations (DMO) Gateway and DMO Repeater capabilities, allowing radio and data coverage to be temporarily extended to provide coverage to portable radios inside nearby buildings. This allows police forces to extend their patrol ranges and officers and paramedics in the field to stay connected in hazardous situations.

Tom Quirke, from Motorola Solutions, commented: “TEDS meets the needs of the next evolution of critical data applications as it derives from TETRA and offers the resilience and security required for public safety operations. With our latest additions of TEDS-ready handheld and mobile radios, users can be assured that their long-term investment into TETRA today will be future proof.

“The solutions are helping to increase operational efficiency and transform user safety, equipment ease of use, and ruggedness of mission-critical operations. The increased receiver sensitivity will further boost flexibility of operations and help to connect users wherever needed.”