The new radios (TEDS)

on Wednesday, 13 February 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola announces new high-tech mobile radios (MTM 5200 and MTM 5500)

Motorola has unveiled the MTM 5200 and MTM 5500 TETRA mobile radios and the MTP6550 TETRA portable radio. The new additions are all capable of supporting TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS).

The MTP 6550 is a TEDS-ready TETRA handheld radio, delivering real-time data access in the field. Key features include push services to allow dispatchers to deliver messages directly to radio screens, radio call out requiring a mandatory acknowledgement of message delivery, and built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio and connectivity to collaborative data devices, for example – using a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) for more complex forms or using scanners for ID checks.

The MTM 5200 and MTM 5500 complement the existing MTM 5400 TETRA mobile radio. The series offers a choice of different form factors and capabilities to suit different operational environments today and device-readiness to exploit the higher speed data services provided by TEDS networks.

The MTM 5500 also includes integrated Direct Mode Operations (DMO) Gateway and DMO Repeater capabilities, allowing radio and data coverage to be temporarily extended to provide coverage to portable radios inside nearby buildings. This allows police forces to extend their patrol ranges and officers and paramedics in the field to stay connected in hazardous situations.

Tom Quirke, from Motorola Solutions, commented: “TEDS meets the needs of the next evolution of critical data applications as it derives from TETRA and offers the resilience and security required for public safety operations. With our latest additions of TEDS-ready handheld and mobile radios, users can be assured that their long-term investment into TETRA today will be future proof.

“The solutions are helping to increase operational efficiency and transform user safety, equipment ease of use, and ruggedness of mission-critical operations. The increased receiver sensitivity will further boost flexibility of operations and help to connect users wherever needed.”