Now Open: The 2014 Public Safety Survey

on Thursday, 13 February 2014. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Share Your Predictions for the Public Safety Industry

By Tom Miller

I recently drove past a car pulled over along the side of the highway by a state trooper. As I passed them, I thought, “Just a routine traffic stop.” But then I put myself into the shoes of the trooper who had just gotten out of his vehicle. Is there such a thing as a “routine traffic stop”? Does this trooper have access to the right technology to know everything he can about this vehicle, the driver and its passengers? Does he know what dangers he could be facing?

In the public safety industry, we know that the lives of first responders and those of civilians are on the line each and every day. New technologies are emerging that are enabling the industry to communicate and respond like never before, increasing safety and effectiveness for us all.

The annual 2014 Public Safety Industry Survey gives you an opportunity to share your opinions on where you stand with current and future voice and data technology for our industry. The survey results, which will be available this spring, will help you benchmark and compare your systems and plans with those of your peers. As a survey participant, you will be among the first recipients of the results, which will be emailed directly to you.

I urge you to spend a few minutes to take the survey. Your opinion can make a difference.

Start the 2014 Motorola Public Safety Industry study here.

Please respond by March 31, 2014. Individual responses are confidential, subject to Motorola Solutions Privacy Policy and will not be shared.

Tom Miller is the director of Government and Public Safety markets for the North America Customer Solutions division of Motorola Solutions. Read additional blogs by Tom Miller here.