New Secure Radios for Critical Operations

on Friday, 07 August 2015. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

  • Radios are ideal for users who require effective, budget-friendly communications, such as municipalities and utilities
  • Operating on the ASTRO® P25 standard, the radios provide the security needed for mission-critical tasks
  • These P25 Phase 2 compatible radios can double their voice capacity, enabling customers to add more users without the need for additional frequencies or infrastructure

Miami, Florida — August 6, 2015 — A power outage, a failure in the water supply system and a flood warning have something in common; they are community-sensitive events that require dependable communications. Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) is addressing these critical operational needs with the new APX 1000 portable two-way radio and its mobile version, the APX 1500, which ensure communication and connectivity.

Both devices allow users to communicate with each other and with different public safety and emergency response agencies to respond to incidents within minutes, better control situations, speed response times and ensure the safety of people and the operation.

The compact APX 1000 radio combines simplified controls, excellent radio quality and advanced noise suppression in a form factor that includes a dual microphone, adaptive algorithm, embedded digital signaling, user programmable voice announcement, and the optional feature of global positioning to identify the outdoor location of workers. The APX 1500 mobile radio is equipped with a control head with a built-in speaker for easy installation.

These radios include Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP) software encryption, which provides secure and confidential communications while preventing criminals, the media or curiosity seekers from listening. They also come equipped with an intelligent color display that alerts the user when a call comes in, an emergency occurs or the user is out of range.

“Secure and uninterrupted communications are required for situation where dependability in the process can keep a large community safe and at ease. This two-APX radio solution is the perfect solution to handle any contingency without having to make a large investment,” said Francisco Urdaz, product director, Motorola Solutions Latin America.