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Telstra and Motorola Solutions sign contract

on Monday, 16 September 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Telstra and Motorola Solutions sign contract to improve communications for Queensland’s public safety agencies

September 15, 2013

Corporate Government & Public Safety English Asia Pacific & Middle East

16 September 2013 – Following Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Treasurer Tim Nicholls’ announcement that Telstra, supported by Motorola Solutions, has been selected as the preferred vendor for Queensland’s Government Wireless Network (GWN), it is confirmed today that the contract has been successfully completed.

Telstra and Motorola Solutions will now commence designing, building, operating and maintaining Queensland’s Government Wireless Network. The 15 year managed services partnership, worth $457.3 million, is designed to vastly improve the government’s communications infrastructure for the state’s public safety agencies.

The network, based on Motorola Solutions’ public safety communication technology, will provide enhanced digital communication and better coverage at key public locations for police, fire and ambulance officers in the GWN service areas.

The Government Wireless Network will allow public safety agencies to communicate better, faster and more securely than ever before using digital radio voice and narrowband data communications.

“Queensland’s Government Wireless Network is designed to support critical community services including police, fire and ambulance services,” said Chris Pearce, Executive Director, Government and Not for Profit, Telstra. “We look forward to building a communications system for public service agencies that will provide better coverage and functionality for public safety agencies to assist the community.”

“This is a very significant project for Queensland and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the highest levels of safety not only for our communities, but also for the thousands of emergency responders that put their lives on the line every day to protect them,” said Gary Starr, Vice President, Motorola Solutions, Australia and New Zealand.

The Government Wireless Network will initially be rolled out in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Cairns as the Sunshine State readies itself to play host to the G20 Summit meetings in 2014 and extend to the rest of the South-East in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Motorola Solutions’ WLAN Outperforms Competitor

on Thursday, 15 August 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Independent Testing Shows Motorola Solutions’ WLAN Outperforms Competitor August 8, 2013


Performance of Access Points in high-density deployments faster, more reliable

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – August 8, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) access points (APs), the AP 6522 and the AP 8132, outperformed Ruckus Wireless in an independent lab evaluation. Tolly, the industry’s premier independent testing and strategic consulting organization, tested the access points in high-density deployments.

Environments – such as meeting rooms, banquet halls, conference centers, dense office environments and classrooms – require reliable, high-performing wireless access for applications such as video streaming. These high-density deployments frequently require APs to be in close proximity to each other, potentially leading to adjacent channel interference (ACI) which can degrade the overall network performance. The AP 6522 and AP 8132 performed strongly in ACI management during the testing, offering greater downstream throughput and better performance in video applications.


Among the report’s key findings, Motorola Solutions’ APs delivered unique differentiation in the following areas in comparison to the other solutions tested:

  • The AP 6522 and AP 8132 provided up to 81 percent more throughput compared to the beam-forming and antenna array-enabled access points.
  • When testing video streaming, the Motorola APs handled three times the capacity of video clients: 30 simultaneous video clients compared to 15 with background traffic.
  • The Motorola APs exhibited six times faster power and channel selection to mitigate radio frequency (RF) interference to provide higher capacity network performance.


Kevin Tolly, founder, Tolly Group
“Designing for high-density wireless environments is one of the most challenging applications network engineers face. From the test results, it is clear that Motorola Solutions’ access points effectively deliver high capacity and performance.”

Chris Hinsz, senior product manager, Enterprise Networks & Communications, Motorola Solutions
“Motorola Solutions’ wireless networking portfolio and services enable enterprises to develop, manage and maintain their networks, even in the most challenging environments. This report highlights that our products are able to meet the network needs for a variety of environments and customers. ”


on Thursday, 15 August 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola are pleased to announce availability of our newest PMR446 unlicensed radios - the XT400 Series. These fully-featured radios combine outstanding quality with excellent affordability to give your operation the competitive edge. With crisp, clear audio throughout the workplace and exceptional durability, XT400 Series radios deliver great performance, even with hard use in high noise and harsh conditions. XT400 Series replaces the XTNi Series and is available now. For more information and to take advantage of a special launch offer, click on the link.

New XT400 Series PMR446 Unlicensed Portable Radios

Motorola Solutions Introduces “Service from the Start”

on Tuesday, 11 June 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola Solutions Introduces “Service from the Start” Support Packages for Ongoing Operations of Two-Way Communications Systems, Devices

Service from the Start leads the new offerings for ASTRO® 25, LTE and MOTOTRBO™

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – June 11, 2013 – When operating in a mission-critical environment, downtime is not an option. Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI) is enhancing its Support Services portfolio to enable users to easily choose the best support package to help ensure their technology operates at peak performance levels while minding strict budget requirements. This streamlined approach is an expansion of the Service from the Start program, which is well known for Motorola’s mobile computing and data capture portfolio and will be the new support service structure across all of Motorola’s system and device technologies.

Service from the Start is a support program ideal for customers looking to protect their technology investments. Comprised of key service offerings, Service from the Start includes tiered service packages that can maximize system and device availability, allow decision makers to budget in advance for their technology maintenance requirements and lower an organization’s total cost of ownership. From repair and technical support to security patching, Service from the Start is a holistic support program for mission-critical, two-way communication systems and devices that results in a budgeted, dependable methodology for complete network maintenance. Service from the Start is the foundation to working with organizations on a complete network lifecycle management program to keep their Motorola two-way communications systems and devices updated, upgraded and refreshed.


For two-way communications systems, the Service from the Start essential bundle helps minimize system downtime should any potential issues occur. In addition to 24/7 technical support and fast infrastructure repair turnaround times, the Service from the Start advanced bundle enhances the security backbone of the system with pre-tested security patching, and issue resolution is more efficient with dispatch and onsite services. Equipment downtime is virtually eradicated with advance exchange of critical hardware elements.

Service from the Start is available in three bundles for two-way communications devices: Lite, Essential and Comprehensive. These bundles build on each other to provide customers a complete solution for their device support; from fast repair turnaround times, increased help desk support and chemical, liquid and physical damage coverage.

Additional service options such as security monitoring, preventive maintenance or battery refresh, layered on top of the chosen Service from the Start bundle, allows for a tailored support program to meet an organization’s system and device support requirements.

Service from the Start includes the capabilities of the Motorola Solutions Support Center and state-of-the-art repair facilities along with best-in-class service level agreements. Backed by Motorola’s globally integrated services infrastructure, highly qualified support technicians and certified repair facilities provide the investment protection customers need to reduce their total cost of ownership.

Motorola has a proven services heritage spanning more than 80 years and draws from dedicated global resources, renowned industry experts, world-class partners and a full spectrum of services to support customers in their business- and mission-critical mobility investments.


Bruce Brda, senior vice president of global solutions and services, Motorola Solutions

“Service from the Start continues the tradition of excellence that Motorola Global Solutions and Services gives our customers to help ensure optimal system and device performance. The reliance our customers have on their mission-critical technology means that we have to provide them with service offerings that will proactively protect their networks, provide them the technical expertise needed to resolve issues and maximize system and device availability.”

Licensed Mobile Radio Infrastructure And System Integration Market Worth $2.6 Billion

on Thursday, 16 May 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

The global market for licensed mobile radio (LMR) infrastructure equipment, installation and system integration services amounted to $2.6 billion, according to a first-of-its-kind study entitled “Licensed Mobile Radio Infrastructure and System Integration” from IMS Research, now part of IHS (NYSE: IHS). The worldwide LMR market is forecast to grow every year through at least 2017.

"Although IHS has been tracking the market and publishing forecasts on several infrastructure components for a number of years, this is the first report to examine the LMR network market as a whole, from the unit shipments of infrastructure equipment to the system integration functions,” said Deryn Evans, senior mobile radio market analyst at IHS. “Our findings confirm and quantify what has long been believed: infrastructure accounts for a significant portion of the overall LMR market and represents a major opportunity.”

Among the factors driving the growth of the LMR market are the migration to digital LMR solutions, advances in technology, and economic and social factors.

“This is a fascinating time for the LMR infrastructure industry,” Evans noted. “With the migration to digital gathering pace, more users are demanding new LMR systems. At the same time, there is an increasing range of available digital solutions. With this expanding array comes increased competition among the different technologies, giving end users a wider choice and a variety of budget options.”

IHS believes that no single technology will win in the LMR market. Instead, each will offer a unique solution to fit the diversity of professional users—from public safety to utilities.

The recently published IHS report,  “Licensed Mobile Radio Infrastructure and System Integration - World - 2013,” assesses the market for LMR infrastructure and associated services until 2017, providing detailed revenue and shipment analysis by country and region and by LMR technology, including in-depth commentary of the factors affecting the market in each country.

The LMR technologies covered include analog, TETRA, TETRAPOL, P25, and DMR/dPMR/NXDN/PDT. Market revenue is split by equipment type, including base stations and network control; by services including staging and maintenance; and by system integration including design, planning and installation. Shipment data is provided for transceivers and base stations.

Source: IHS 

Motorola Solutions collaborates with Samart

on Thursday, 16 May 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola Solutions collaborates with Samart to help CAT Telecom roll out Thailand’s first-of-its-kind-commercial digital trunk radio network for the government and enterprises

Bangkok, Thailand, May 10, 2013 – Motorola Solutions today announced that it is upgrading the existing analog radio network of CAT Telecom Public Company Ltd. to a TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) digital network and optimise its spectrum usage. The company is working with its local partner Samart Telcoms Public Co.Ltd., to execute this project. The upgraded TETRA multi-site network would be the first of its kind commercial network in Thailand based on an operator model whereby enterprise and government users will be able to subscribe to this digital trunk radio network from CAT Telecom without having to invest in their own digital radio communication infrastructure.

The upgrade to digital from the existing analog technology will be carried out in phases, starting with the introduction of few thousands of TETRA subscriber radios and base stations and a switching center to build a digital network covering Bangkok Metropolitan Area and the Eastern Sea Board industrial hub. The target user of this network would include oil & gas sector, transportation operators and other critical government and enterprise users for whom robust mission-critical grade communication is a must.


  • Smartnet is the analog network owned and operated by CAT Telecom Public Company. Motorola Solutions is upgrading it with its TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) solutions to digital standard.
  • CAT Telecom was the first to operate an analog subscriber radio network in Thailand for the use of multiple government agencies and enterprises, and the network was a Motorola analog network. The new upgrade to next-generation digital is yet another first for them in Thailand.
  • The digital network draws on Motorola Solutions’ longstanding heritage in mission-critical communication technology. It employs industry-standard Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology to deliver audio clarity, extended range, integrated data applications, high level of security, and data applications such as text messaging, location tracking and dispatch capability in a cost-effective way for enterprises across vast geographic coverage. It also helps increase productivity and safety for mobile work teams, especially for those in the transport and logistics, oil & gas and local government organisations.
  • The investment in TETRA today will ensure CAT Telecom will be able to support future data services and needs, through TEDS (TETRA Enhanced Data Service), which can provide up to 20 times faster access to back-office applications, such as business intelligence and databases to its users.
  • Motorola Solutions has shipped over 2 million TETRA subscribers, an industry milestone and a strong indication of the accelerating growth of the worldwide TETRA user base and the continued market recognition of Motorola’s pioneering position in the development of innovative TETRA solutions. Motorola Solutions is also the global leader in standards based mission-critical communication networks trusted by public safety agencies and strategic enterprises globally.


Supranee Kueakoonggern, Country Manager, Thailand, Motorola Solutions

“This is a significant contract for Motorola Solutions and demonstrates our market commitment and leadership in next generation digital trunk communication in Thailand. With the upgraded TETRA network, enterprise and government users will be able to cost-effectively expand workforce communications, coverage range and use software applications, even while enhancing voice quality, security and data communication. In fact, digital is now a prerequisite for many of our customers, and our innovations with TETRA platform gives them what they need today with room to grow tomorrow.”

“The tried-and-tested robust TETRA platform is delivering tangible returns on investment globally, aiding the transition to faster, more efficient digital networks that allow customers to do more, enhance productivity and safety on the job. Our solutions are in use in more than 120 countries worldwide, and attest to the success of this advanced technology. We believe the network will appeal to every user who is in need of resilient, time-critical means of communication over large geographic areas.”

Next Generation 802.11ac Solution Increases Wi-Fi Capacity

on Thursday, 09 May 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola Solutions enables high-speed data, video streaming with full suite of access points and more on new 11ac standard

Motorola Wireless SolutionsLAS VEGAS – May 6, 2013 – The demands on network bandwidth are dramatically increasing, and Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) is meeting those needs with a suite of new indoor- and outdoor-rated 802.11ac access points (APs). Delivering faster speeds, these APs help alleviate bandwidth challenges faced by both enterprises and governments when users connect to Wi-Fi networks and access high-bandwidth applications such as mobile video and streaming media applications. The complete suite includes the AP 8232, AP 8222 and AP 8263, offering flexible options for a wide variety of deployment scenarios. The APs also enable integrated location and security sensing for mobile commerce applications to help connect shoppers in retail stores and hotel guests both indoors and outdoors. For government workers, these can provide data-rich content and multimedia sharing across the government enterprise with high-speed 802.11ac. These APs are also backward compatible with previous 802.11 standards and will support existing clients, preventing the need to create a new infrastructure.

In addition, a new software upgrade to the award-winning WiNG 5 technology delivers mobile applications faster with video acceleration to improve mobile video streaming experience by eliminating legacy WAN bandwidth limitations.


Indoor APs: the modular AP 8232 has an expandable design to support plug-in applications such as a pan-tilt-zoom video camera, WAN back-haul as well as dedicated environmental, location and security sensors. The AP 8222 offers a fixed configuration with an internal antenna and a dual radio for customers who want an aesthetically pleasing fixture on the wall or ceiling.

AP for ruggedized, outdoor environments: the AP 8263 offers a tri-radio, fixed configuration for ruggedized and outdoor deployments and supports integrated, wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) and location sensing out of the box with a third radio module.

Increased use of guest Wi-Fi is requiring retailers and hotels to upgrade WAN links adding monthly bandwidth costs and requiring time to provision the new circuits. The upgrade to WiNG 5 now provides real-time content caching, improving web browsing and mobile app experiences for shoppers and guests without requiring a major upgrade to the WAN infrastructure.

With the latest software upgrade, WiNG 5.5 simplifies IT deployments by extending its state-of-the-art, scalable AP management solution from a centralized network operating center with a single unified management portal for enterprise branch offices.

The single dashboard view for hierarchical management, available on the NX-9500 controller platform, allows management of remote controllers, APs, WIPS and other applications all from an integrated easy-to-use, graphical console and delivers centralized control over the enterprise Wi-Fi deployment.

Motorola’s MESHConnex™ technology can now leverage the higher data rates offered by 802.11ac to wirelessly enable a richer backhaul pipe for multi-media traffic.

Utilize Motorola’s full breadth of Services to assist with optimal WLAN architecture and network placement design as well as integration to help ensure all AP models work efficiently. In addition, Motorola’s Software Support, Service from the Start and managed service offerings provide best-in-class capabilities to improve AP uptime, minimize equipment downtime and provide reliable real-time data for peak WLAN operation.


Imran Akbar, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Networks & Communications, Motorola Solutions

“The demands on network bandwidth are on the rise, and our end-to-end solution for the 802.11ac standard, including new APs and WiNG 5.5 upgrade, increase capacity in the Wi-Fi network for both enterprise and government. In addition, the application acceleration engine with content caching helps accelerate application performance without requiring significant increases in WAN bandwidth.”

Craig Mathias, principal, Farpoint Group

“It’s now very clear that 802.11ac is the next-generation enterprise and government WLAN technology. And with this announcement, Motorola Solutions is adding system features that are well-served by the enhanced capacity of 802.11ac. Demanding retail and public safety environments, for example, are about to see a big upgrade in capability.”

Motorola Solutions Reports First-Quarter 2013 Financial Results

on Thursday, 25 April 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola Solutions Reports First-Quarter 2013 Financial Results

Sales up 1 percent driven by 3 percent growth in Government

GAAP earnings per share (EPS) from continuing operations* up 36 percent from a year ago

Non-GAAP** EPS from continuing operations up 12 percent from a year ago

Repurchased $357 million of shares in the quarter

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – April 24, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) announced today first-quarter 2013 sales of $2 billion, up 1 percent from the first quarter of 2012. Government sales were up 3 percent while Enterprise sales were down 4 percent.

  First Quarter
  2013 2012 Change
Total Sales ($M) $1,973 $1,956 1%
GAAP operating earnings ($M) $216 $232 -7%
Non-GAAP operating earnings ($M) $278 $290 -4%
GAAP EPS from continuing operations $0.68 $0.50 36%
Non-GAAP EPS from continuing operations $0.66 $0.59 12%

“Despite a challenging enterprise market and modest revenue growth in the first quarter, our disciplined focus on cost management and return of capital to shareholders delivered double-digit growth in earnings per share,” said Greg Brown, chairman and CEO of Motorola Solutions. “We remain confident in the fundamental drivers of the business and our ability to drive improved operating earnings for the year.”

GAAP operating earnings in the first quarter of 2013 were $216 million or 10.9 percent of sales, compared to $232 million or 11.9 percent of sales in the first quarter of 2012. GAAP earnings per share from continuing operations were $0.68, compared to $0.50 in the first quarter of 2012.

Non-GAAP operating earnings in the first quarter of 2013 were $278 million or 14.1 percent of sales, compared to $290 million or 14.8 percent of sales in the first quarter of 2012. Non-GAAP earnings per share from continuing operations were $0.66, compared to $0.59 in the first quarter of 2012. Non-GAAP financial information excludes after-tax net loss of approximately $0.02 per diluted share related to stock-based compensation, intangible amortization and highlighted items. Details on these Non-GAAP adjustments and the use of Non-GAAP measures are included later in this press release.

During the quarter, the company used $31 million in operating cash flow from continuing operations. The company ended the quarter with total cash*** of $3.7 billion while returning $429 million to shareholders through share repurchases and cash dividends.

Government segment sales were $1.3 billion, up 3 percent from the year-ago quarter. GAAP operating earnings were $180 million or 13.4 percent of sales compared to $150 million or 11.5 percent of sales in the year-ago quarter. Non-GAAP operating earnings were $217 million or 16.1 percent of sales compared to $184 million or 14.1 percent of sales in the year-ago quarter.

Government highlights:

Secured multimillion-dollar contracts with strategic customers such as Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; State of Tennessee; Wyandotte County in Kansas; Butler County in Ohio; Houston Airport; SIBUR in Russia; Medellín Metro in Colombia; Colombia Ministry of Defense; Queensland Gas Company in Australia; Macau Light Rail, Chengdu Government Radio Network and Shangdong Provincial Police in China; and Klang Valley Mass Rail Transit System in Malaysia

Introduced Real-Time Crime Center solution, incorporating input from multiple data sources such as video, sensors, alarms, computer-aided dispatch and records to deliver one operational view and help public safety stay one step ahead of criminals through proactive policing

Launched the new MTP6750 handheld, the world´s first TETRA radio with a 5 megapixel camera that embeds a special encrypted marking to validate metadata and ensure images have not been tampered with before presentation in court

Introduced AME 2000 Secure Mobile Solution based on Motorola’s Assured Mobile Environment, providing end-to-end encrypted voice and data communications through private or public wireless networks to support the missions of federal agencies

Enterprise segment sales were $627 million, down 4 percent from the year-ago quarter.

Excluding Psion, sales were down 12 percent. GAAP operating earnings were $36 million or 5.7 percent of sales compared to $82 million or 12.5 percent of sales in the year-ago quarter. Non-GAAP operating earnings were $61 million or 9.7 percent of sales compared to $106 million or 16.2 percent of sales in the year-ago quarter.

Enterprise highlights:

Secured contracts with key customers such as Tesco in the U.K., Macy’s, District of Carpenters, OnTrac shipping, Universal Hospital Services, Sligro food wholesaler in the Netherlands, GEPP bottling in Mexico, and Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia Launched MC45 mobile computer, the company’s first WAN-based solution that addresses the needs of field-based mobile workers in cost-sensitive enterprises

Introduced the company’s first-ever bioptic scanner, the MP6000 multi-plane scanner embedded in point-of-sale terminals for retailers

Honored with prestigious Red Dot Product Design Awards for MC40 mobile computer and HC1 headset computer for excellence in product design quality

Second-Quarter Outlook

Motorola Solutions’ outlook for the second quarter of 2013 is for revenues that are flat to down 2 percent compared with the second quarter of 2012 and Non-GAAP earnings per share from continuing operations of $0.66 to $0.71 per share. For the full-year 2013, the company now expects revenue growth of approximately 3 to 4 percent compared with 2012 and Non-GAAP operating margins of approximately 18 percent of sales. This outlook excludes stock-based compensation, intangible amortization and charges associated with items typically highlighted by the company in its quarterly earnings releases.

Motorola Solutions Named to FTSE4Good Index

on Thursday, 25 April 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola Solutions Named to FTSE4Good Index and CR Magazine 100 Best Corporate Citizens SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – April 18, 2013 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) has been named to the FTSE4Good sustainability index and to the CR Magazine 100 Best Corporate Citizens™ list. Motorola Solutions is ranked No. 32 on the 100 Best Corporate Citizens list, up from No. 77 in 2012.


FTSE Group confirms that Motorola Solutions has been independently assessed according to the FTSE4Good criteria and has satisfied the requirements to become a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series.

The FTSE4Good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings provide an overall measurement of how well a company manages its potential ESG risks.

Approximately 2,300 publicly listed companies worldwide are evaluated.


The prestigious 100 Best Corporate Citizens list ranks companies in seven categories including environment, climate change, employee relations, human rights, governance, finance and philanthropy. Companies are predominately chosen from the Russell 1000 Index.


In July 2011, Motorola Solutions helped initiate the Solutions for Hope project, a closed-supply system of mining conflict-free tantalum from the Democratic Republic of Congo and in 2012 joined the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative.

The company’s goal is to increase its global use of electricity from renewable sources to 30 percent by 2020.

Motorola Solutions set a goal to reduce waste by 10 percent from 2011 by 2015 as well as increase the recycling rate to 90 percent by 2015.

In 2012, the Motorola Solutions Foundation made grants that helped more than 700,000 teachers, students, first responders and community members, and employees volunteered more than 55,000 hours of their time to groups focusing on education, public safety and disaster relief.

In 2013, Motorola Solutions was named to the Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable corporations, ranking No. 59.

In 2012, Newsweek ranked Motorola Solutions No. 20 on its U.S. Green Rankings.

The company is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.


Jodi Shapiro, vice president, environment, health and safety, Motorola Solutions “It is an honor to be named to FTSE4Good and CR Magazine 100 Best Corporate Citizens lists. At Motorola Solutions, we are proud of our corporate responsibility programs and set challenging goals to continue to be a leader in sustainability.”

International TETRA Awards Recognizes Motorola Solutions´ Excellence in Five Categories

on Monday, 15 April 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola´s automated coverage monitoring application for mission-critical networks, TRACES, receives two prestigious awards by jury of independent experts

BASINGSTOKE, UK – April 12, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, is announcing that it won four of the seven categories of the International TETRA Awards and was ‘highly commended’ in a fifth category.

Motorola´s TETRA RF Automated Coverage Evaluation Solution (TRACES) was the only entrant in the awards to win twice, once for “Best TETRA Innovation” and once more in the category “Best Solution for Enterprise.” The “Green Award,” with an eco-friendly objective, was won by Motorola´s Dimetra IP Release 8.x TETRA platform, which offers network operators a simpler and more cost-effective platform to deliver TETRA mission-critical communications to public safety users.

In addition, a further two awards were won by submissions entered by Motorola in conjunction with customers: Resorts World Sentosa from Singapore won the “Best Use of TETRA in Private Industry” category and Shanghai Metro won a Highly Commended Award in the category “Best Use of TETRA in Transport,” raising the total of awards collected on the night by Motorola Solutions to five.

The International TETRA Awards, a collaboration between the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) and TETRA Today, are designed to recognise excellence in the field of TETRA radio communications in both mission-critical and business-critical organizations and took place in the London Transport Museum.

Key Facts


Motorola Solutions´ award-winning TRACES was developed collaboratively by London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and Motorola’s Global Solutions and Services team. The solution was developed to help the MPS gain automatic visibility of black spots on the mission-critical TETRA network, which impacted the ability of Officers to make calls during major events. The MPS also needed the ability to evaluate and analyse network data post-event.

Motorola Solutions developed TRACES to allow end-user organisations such as the MPS, to automatically collect, visualise and evaluate data from mission-critical TETRA networks via error logs recorded in Motorola Solutions’ TETRA terminals. This allows managers to view usage patterns and quickly identify coverage black spots, enabling them to work with the network operator to enhance performance. Motorola has since evolved TRACES into a solution that allows network operators real-time visibility and data on network coverage and performance issues.

TRACES is a flexible, easy to install and modular tool that can be customised to mission-critical network operator needs.

With TRACES in operation, actual network coverage that is being supplied by the network is quickly visible to the operator so when changes occur on the network, operators no longer have to rely on inaccurate predicted coverage maps

The use of TRACES as an analytical tool can greatly reduce maintenance costs because it reduces the need for regular drive testing in problem areas

About Dimetra IP Release 8.x

Dimetra IP Release 8.x offers a simpler, more resilient and cost-effective TETRA system for supporting mission-critical voice and data applications, harnessing the advanced capabilities of a new IT server-based platform.

Dimetra IP Release 8.x users are seeing a reduction of 70 percent in power consumption in switch sites, with a 60 percent reduction in physical space and footprint. The all-IP architecture carries over into the control room with an 80 percent reduction in power possible as the latest IT equipment is used.

Dimetra IP Release 8.x includes automated system upgrade functionality, which reduces upgrade time as well as the need for specialist and expensive support staff. The new system achieves practically seamless upgrades by reducing service outages by more than 60 percent compared with the previous system release.


John Adams, Head of Radio Services, London Metropolitan Police Service

“TRACES is a perfect example for how user involvement ensures the development of solutions exactly for their needs. We were one of the reasons why it has been developed. Our involvement has led to the creation of a solution from which other organizations around the world can benefit. We are pleased that Motorola has listened to us and delivered the right tool. TRACES has given us tremendous insights into our TETRA network and cost savings. Its recognition at the International Tetra Awards is well deserved.”

Gary Aitkenhead, vice president, Global Services Organization, Motorola Solutions EMEA

“Innovation and customer focus are at the heart of Motorola’s Global Solutions and Services, and it is with great pleasure to see that this is being recognized by users and the industry. Motorola’s TRACES is a prime example of how a complex customer issue has been resolved with outstanding innovation. TRACES has revolutionised the way TETRA networks are monitored and optimised – putting customers in control and giving them visibility to network data that was previously challenging and costly to gain. We are delighted to receive these awards and look forward to building on this momentum over the next few years.”

Motorola Solutions Launches First Image Management System for TETRA Digital Radios to Enhance Day-to-Day Policing

on Thursday, 21 March 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Motorola Solutions Launches First Image Management System for TETRA Digital Radios to Enhance Day-to-Day Policing

Innovative solution includes world´s first TETRA digital radio with a five megapixel camera

BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND – March 21, 2013 – Public safety and law enforcement officials need to reduce crime and create safer communities in a cost-effective manner and are investigating how technology can assist this process. Key benefits and cost savings are likely to be most visible in the area of evidence gathering capabilities to improve prosecution success rates. With limited resources, evidence often is not captured or degrades before dedicated evidence-gathering officers can be deployed. Giving frontline officers the capability to capture evidential images at the scene of a crime or incident has been shown to reduce the time spent in court and increase conviction rates.

With this in mind, Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), today launches the world´s first mission-critical imaging solution for frontline officers. This is a combination of the new MTP6750 Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) handheld radio featuring an integrated five megapixel camera and the Photograph and Intelligence Communications System (PICS) image management solution. Through PICS, images captured on the MTP6750 can be managed, authenticated and shared within a public safety organisation´s existing workflows, enabling verification of captured images at any point and reducing the chance of evidence being deemed unusable in a prosecution.


Safer, Smarter, Faster – MTP6750 TETRA handheld radio

This is the first TETRA radio to integrate a five megapixel digital camera into the same easy-to-use radio form factor for which Motorola’s TETRA handsets are known. Integrating image capture and processing capabilities into the radio platform ensures that common workflow processes are enforced and images come under the security protocols of the agency.

A large QVGA colour display allows officers to view images with a single glance. Built on the newly launched MTP6000 Radio Series platform, the new TETRA handheld enables a wide range of data connectivity options, including integrated Bluetooth®, Multi-Slot Packet Data and support for TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS). This enables frontline personnel to share text messages and images reliably, securely and quickly.

The integrated WAP browser with WAP Push capability allows the user to access information sources such as databases and view images on the large screen and for images to be pushed directly to the user, rapidly sharing valuable intelligence.

The MTP6750 offers an integrated Direct-Mode Repeater. Working range can be further extended by up to 14 percent through the radio’s Class 3L (1.8W) transmit power capability and best-in-class receiver sensitivity.

The image software is intuitive. Users can be confident that common workflow processes are enforced and images come under the security protocols of the agency.

Always in the hands of front line officers, the new TETRA handheld with integrated camera functionality offers them the ability to take images without the need for additional devices. Photograph and Intelligence Communications System (PICS) – End-to-End Image Management Solution

PICS covers three key areas - Integrated Terminal Management (iTM), Indelible Digital Marking and Application Programming Interface (API).

iTM allows a fleet of radios to be managed remotely from a central location, including image back-up and software updates. It enables shift leaders and dispatch to push images to any number of officers’ radios whilst they are charging. Briefing notes can be attached to images, allowing shift leaders to provide them directly to officers’ radios instead of carrying paper documents.

Indelible Digital Marking is designed to verify that images have not been tampered before being used in law courts. Images captures include metadata such as time and date, location, user ID and more.

iTM allows the user to validate the image - if any element of the image or its metadata has been changed since it was captured, validation fails. This ensures that the integrity of the evidence can be checked through the chain of custody so that it can be presented as evidence for any prosecution. Finally, the iTM API allows Motorola and its partners to integrate PICS into organisations’ existing systems and processes, or to develop further applications tailored to the needs of public safety and other end-user organisations.


Tom Quirke, vice president and general manager, Global TETRA Organization, Motorola Solutions

"We conducted an extensive research programme with public safety agencies in many regions around the world to shape our next-generation TETRA solutions. In interviews, officers repeatedly told us that viewing images while mobile and being able to take images at incident scenes offers major benefits. It saves time. It significantly enhances day-to-day policing. And, it vastly improves evidence collection. To answer their needs, we developed the MTP6750 handheld radio. It is the first TETRA handheld with an integrated five megapixel camera for image capture and an image management system. It is designed to fit perfectly into the workflows of public safety organizations such a policing, and we are convinced that this is the image management system for which users and agencies have been waiting.”

Motorola Solutions Honored with Five Red Dot Product Design 2013 Awards

on Thursday, 21 March 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Innovative products recognized with the prestigious seal of design quality

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – March 19, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, today announced that it has been honored with five red dot product design 2013 awards. The HC1 headset computer, MC40 mobile computer, O2 control head, SL Series digital radio and TLKR two-way radios were recognized for their excellence in design quality. They were selected by a 37-member jury of international experts out of more than 4,600 entries in 19 categories.

Motorola Red Dot Design AwardsKEY FACTS

About Motorola’s red dot product design 2013 award-winning products:

  • HC1 headset computer – The HC1 is the first in a new class of Motorola hands-free enterprise mobile computers that leverages advanced voice recognition, head gestures and video streaming to enable users to access and navigate business-critical documents and applications.
  • MC40 mobile computer – The MC40 is Motorola’s first multi-purpose mobile computer for retail and hospitality applications that integrates inventory management with collaboration and line-busting mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) capabilities in a compelling form factor. It can also be used in industries such as transit for mobile ticketing and payment.
  • MOTOTRBO™ SL Series radio - The SL Series is the world’s thinnest, lightest Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portable, designed to meet the communication needs of business users and executives in industries such as hospitality, services, security and airlines.
  • O2 control head – The O2 mobile radio control head brings Motorola’s proven rugged XE design features to the vehicle environment for use in extreme conditions where water, dirt and vibration are prevalent.
  • TLKR two-way radio series – The TLKR series of high-end performance walkie-talkies provides users with a cost-effective, efficient method of person-to-person voice communications for extreme sports, outdoor activities and wherever reliable communication is needed.

About the red dot product design 2013 awards:

The awards ceremony will take place on July 1, 2013 as part of the red dot gala held at the Aalto Theatre in Essen, Germany. Motorola’s award-winning products will then be on display for a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum in Germany.

With the red dot design award, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen created one of the most internationally acclaimed competitions. The “red dot” prize has established itself as one of the most sought-after quality marks for excellent design.


Paul Steinberg, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola Solutions “We are honored to be recognized by red dot with its product design 2013 award – one of the premier recognitions for quality in design – for five of our products. These innovative products, such as the MC40 mobile computer and SL Series radio, are built to improve our customers’ productivity and performance through advanced design thinking.”

Motorola Solutions Invests in BriefCam

on Tuesday, 19 March 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Video Synopsis Technology

Motorola Solutions Invests in BriefCam

Investment to Support BriefCam's Global Marketing and Sales Expansion for Video Synopsis Technology TEL AVIV – March 13, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), through its strategic investment arm Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, has announced its investment in BriefCam, the developer and provider of Video Synopsis solutions for the rapid review, analysis and indexing of surveillance video. The funds will be used to expand BriefCam’s worldwide marketing and sales activities.

BriefCam's patented Video Synopsis technology enables the rapid review of captured video – with an index to the original source, whether video feed or archival footage – for on-the-spot event tracking, forensics and evidence discovery.

BriefCam fulfills the global unmet need to browse video, investigate and identify incidents rapidly, and take action. Its award-winning Video Synopsis technology gives users the ability to review rapidly, compacting hours of events into a “brief” that takes minutes to view. The company’s customers include police, military, border control and other Homeland Security agencies, as well as security operations at municipalities, transportation authorities, building and campus security offices, retail loss prevention and more.

This investment is Motorola Solutions’ second in the Israeli market and third in the surveillance video space since 2011.

“We have been looking into various companies in the Israeli hi-tech industry, specifically in the area of public safety technologies,” said Boaz Or-Shraga, managing director, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital. “We were happy to find a great investment like BriefCam to expand our exposure in the growing video space. The substantial growth in the amount of surveillance videos created each year provides new opportunities for public safety and other industries, and we're glad to seize such an opportunity." "BriefCam is delighted to welcome Motorola Solutions Venture Capital as an investor and strategic partner,” said Dror Irani, CEO and president of BriefCam. “It is our hope that Motorola Solutions’ experience and global presence opens new opportunities for BriefCam in areas such as public safety, safer cities and law enforcement, as well as enterprise and retail. We expect Motorola Solutions’ global presence will also assist BriefCam greatly in accelerating penetration of new geographic regions where we have not been active to date.”

Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center Solution

on Wednesday, 13 March 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Proactive Policing

Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center Solution Keeps Public Safety One Step Ahead of Criminals through Proactive Policing

New approach helps operationalize the data that surrounds us to turn noise into information and information into intelligence

LAS VEGAS – (IWCE, Motorola Solutions, Booth #527) – March 12, 2013 – Information is everywhere, but capturing and filtering the right information and turning it into intelligence continues to be a challenge for cities across the country. With the Real-Time Crime Center solution from Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI), law enforcement officers can now approach an incident armed with more operational intelligence than ever before. Inputs from multiple data sources such as video, sensors, alarms, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records are processed with real-time analytics to deliver one operational view. This enables better situational awareness and allows for more proactive responses resulting in smarter and safer decisions.

Situational awareness made available with Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution is made actionable with our integration of a radio console to enable real-time direct voice communications with officers in the field and real-time video streaming to a vehicle or handheld device over existing carrier or private wireless networks. Our solution also enables the integration of existing public and private sector cameras to provide additional, live views.

Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution offers a flexible architecture that can be tailored to suit each agency’s operating requirements while also allowing for future expansion. Expert Integration Services help connect CAD events, record queries, mapping and video applications. Additional resources such as criminal complaints as well as incident, parole and national crime databases could be connected to this Real-Time Crime Center solution. Professional Services help guide departments through visioning, training and needs assessments. Design and planning also will ensure that departments are well prepared for the organizational transformation ahead and can demonstrate measurable improvements to their communities.

According to the Police Executive Research Forum as cited in a recent Motorola white paper, 90 percent of police departments plan to increase their use of predictive policing over the next five years. The Motorola Real-Time Crime Center solution sets the foundation for agencies to operationalize these predictive policing strategies and realize the full promise of their video surveillance investments by turning video into a real-time crime fighting tool. With the Real-Time Crime Center solution, Motorola is helping public safety agencies across the country harness relevant data and move from reacting at a moment’s notice to more intelligent predictions and targeted counteractions.

Real Time Crime Solution Motorola


  • Advanced public safety analytics deliver intelligent data and video to anticipate crowd formations, recognize faces, or detect gunshots to help agencies become more proactive, shortening response times and optimizing resource strategies.
  • Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution integrates existing agency records and databases with additional resources such as parole, national crime and inspections databases along with court systems and evidence management to magnify the impact of the analytics engines.
  • Motorola’s end-to-end video capabilities help agencies to move beyond basic monitoring. Streaming video can be shared between communications centers and responders with Real-Time Video Intelligence. This advanced software announced yesterday enables interoperability across public safety, public service and private enterprise video systems as well as analytics to trigger real-time alerts to significantly improve situational awareness.
  • The MCC 7100 IP Dispatch Console enables full command of situations directly from the Real- Time Crime Center solution through encrypted, mission-critical dispatching capabilities.
  • The Real-Time Crime Center solution works alongside Motorola’s Command and Control technology which provides complete incident management, streamlining the entire call intake and dispatch workflow process from the moment a NG9-1-1 call is received to when the call is dispatched to field personnel and updated as new real-time information is received.
  • Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution provides full onsite support services including 24x7 response and Motorola Solution Support Center (SSC) monitoring of the networks, applications, devices and security, helping ensure the mission-critical communications are always online.


Bruce Brda, senior vice president, Global Solutions and Services, Motorola Solutions “Motorola Solutions’ innovations in next generation public safety technology helps further develop the capabilities of law enforcement. The Real-Time Crime Center solution captures information with analytics and turns it into actionable intelligence that can be used by everyone involved in fighting crime.”

Bob Schassler, senior vice president, Government Solutions, Motorola Solutions “From design, to deployment, to managing the complete communication system, our people and our technology are dedicated to helping the public safety community overcome the challenges they face every day. By processing inputs from multiple data sources with real-time analytics, we can help our customers see one operational view that enables more proactive responses to help build safer cities and thriving communities.”

Motorola Solutions Re-Envisioning Point of Care at HIMSS 13

on Tuesday, 05 March 2013. Posted in Two Way Radio Industry News Blog

Showcasing healthcare mobility solutions

NEW ORLEANS – March 4, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, will be showcasing its latest healthcare mobility solutions in Booth #6013 during HIMSS 13, March 3-7, 2013 at The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

Traditionally, patient care in a hospital begins and ends with one thing – access to the chart. While this system continues to provide value, its drawbacks are significant. Nothing can happen downstream in the flow of patient data without the chart being physically present. Updating the most current information is controlled by whoever currently has the chart. For the medical staff, the process works because their focus is patient care. For an IT professional, the process is viewed as highly inefficient and filled with the potential for human error. Deploying a suite of mobile technology solutions can help transform these procedures and deliver real-time data directly to the point of care.


Motorola Solutions’ MC40 HC handheld mobile computer and SB1 smart badge will be on display for the first time at HIMSS 13.

The MC40 HC provides a mobility experience that meets the critical needs of medical staff, while broadening their access to real-time updates to patient data. With this sleek device in hand, nurses can scan a bar code on a wrist band to access patient records, check medication, update vital information and even call others in the hospital for help without ever leaving the patient’s bedside. Plus, the MC40 HC is outfitted in a polycarbonate, disinfectant-ready material specifically designed to provide each unit with a housing that can meet chemical sanitization protocols and withstand other physical stresses unique to a healthcare environment and the nurses’ workflow.

The SB1 smart badge is part of a new category of mobile devices ready for use out-of-the-box by clinical and non-clinical staff alike. This smart, wearable device gives associates access to personalized task lists, the ability to scan a barcode, and connect via push-to-talk (PTT) with other workers carrying practically any other PTT-enabled mobile device already deployed in the hospital. The result is a powerful, always-connected workforce that can access the people and information they need to maximize productivity and improve patient care.

In addition, the Motorola booth will feature demonstrations focused on many of the situations being faced today within the healthcare community, including:

Creating a secure IT environment for healthcare mobility using Motorola’s WiNG 5 Wireless LAN, Secure Access, and AirDefense Services Platform that address the unique challenges in healthcare to be always on, always secure, scalable and reliable. Motorola has a rich history of delivering mission-critical environments, and this infrastructure portfolio provides IT administrators the tools they need to plan, deploy and manage the network while proactively detecting and mitigating rogue devices. Motorola’s Secure Access addresses two provisioning challenges for healthcare IT today: secured guest access and bring your own device (BYOD) to support zero-touch on-boarding of the widest range of consumer smartphones.

Connecting the mobile, clinical workforce with nurse call demonstrations using Enterprise Voice Solutions with devices including the Enterprise Voice-over WLAN Smartphone and MOTOTRBO™ product families. HIPAA-ready Voice-over WLAN devices communicate seamlessly with two-way radios and even personal smartphones to create a collaborative environment for clinical workers to share patient data in a secure manner.

Providing healthcare workers access to real-time patient data in their moments that matter through enterprise-ready devices such as the MC75A0-HC mobile computers, DS6878-HC cordless bar code scanner and DS4208-HC corded bar code scanner to complement the Workstations on Wheels (WOW). Providing medical device manufacturers with embedded technologies like wireless cards, bar code scan engines, and mobile bar code scanning devices to help them get to market faster in partnership with a leading technology company like Motorola.


Vivian Funkhouser, director, healthcare solutions, Motorola Solutions

“We are eager to demonstrate the true power and capabilities of the MC40 HC and the SB1 at HIMSS 13. These innovative technologies, coupled with industry-specific partner solutions, help validate that enterprise-grade mobile solutions are no longer cost-prohibitive propositions for today’s hospitals. With Motorola Solutions, health systems can develop and achieve end-to-end mobility that is reliable, scalable and secure to help caregivers focus on the moments that matter – patient care.”

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