For Enterprise IT Executives, RhoMobile Suite Helps Drive Efficiency Through Write-it-Once Application Development Technology

May 20, 2014


From the simplest to the most complex data–oriented applications, RhoMobile Suite is designed to meet the needs of the enterprise and the different parties that work on application development. This 3-part series will explore those roles and how RhoMobile Suite helps them. Part one is below.

The IT executive understands he needs to find ways to make workers more efficient while on their mobile devices. Priorities for these users include seamless data synchronization connecting users to business-critical intelligence – whether they’re online or off – and modern software development approaches creating greater maintainability and more optimal resourcing.


  • With RhoMobile Suite, what used to take multiple development teams now only requires one and what formerly kept a single developer busy is now handled faster and with fewer errors than ever before.
  • IT executives can evolve their IT teams into an innovation powerhouse with tools that help write better apps in less time and protect mobile technology investments with applications that work across current and future devices and operating systems.
  • Leveraging open source partners and supporting all major operating systems, RhoMobile Suite can mobilize workers no matter what technology is in their hands.