Motorola Solutions and Coffee Bean Technology Offer Innovative Solution for Smartphones That Enables Greater Interaction Between Stores and Their Customers

Motorola Solutions and Coffee Bean Technology Offer Innovative Solution for Smartphones That Enables Greater Interaction Between Stores and Their Customers

October 16, 2014

Tool combines social media technology with indoor location to enable personalized real-time marketing and increased sales

Sao Paulo, October 16, 2014 – With the aim of achieving greater interaction between stores and their customers, Motorola Solutions, a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for government and enterprise customers, signed an exclusive agreement with Coffee Bean Technology to develop a solution that offers retailers personalized contact with their customers using free Wi-Fi, social networks and Motorola's AirDefense location and tracking system.

The tool, which was co-designed by both companies, creates a new market concept based on scenarios and trends that show the increasing use of smartphones. According to reports produced by Custora, a platform that provides online retailers a better understanding of the sector and their clients, Mobile Commerce (or m-commerce) in the United States grew from US$ 2.2 billion in 2010 to US$ 40 billion in 2013, and is expected to reach US$ 50 billion by 2014. Based on these figures, both companies identified a new niche: helping retailers boost their sales and their customers' loyalty.

The solution integrates Motorola’s Connected Shopper with Coffee Bean Technology's Social-ID Marketing Platform to create an ideal solution for retail premises, large retail stores, shopping centers, airports, convention centers, events and more. The benefits of this solution, which stores detailed information about a customer’s social profile, range from keeping customer databases updated to increasing contact with each customer. The solution also offers benefits to customers, who will receive personalized messages and recommendations based on their preferences.

To enjoy these benefits, customers register to access to free Wi-Fi offered by the stores they visit. When connected, the system will offer them the option of registering with one of their social networks to simplify the process. When customers choose this option, the solution uses their social media profiles to send them personalized messages; alerts about store sales; and coupons, announcements and product recommendations that may be of interest to them based on their social profiles. These messages are sent via push notifications, SMS and e-mail.
Locationing is based on Motorola’s Air Defense system, with exclusive technology that identifies a person's exact position using a wireless network infrastructure, without activating the smartphone's GPS system. The platform is capable of recognizing users inside the store or entering the premises. It also traces flow and customer maps, supplying information that enables one-to-one, real-time marketing. 



  • The solution was developed by Motorola and Coffee Bean Technology and creates a personalized communication system between a store and its customers.
  • The tool offers numerous options, such as sending personalized messages by e-mail, push notifications or SMS to customers who have just entered the shopping center, informing them about special offers in their favorite stores. (This consumer information is obtained from the customers’ social profiles).
  • For example: on entering an airport, a customer receives a "Happy Birthday" message along with a "Free Coffee" at the bar where the traveler usually waits for his or her weekly flight.
  • The nature and frequency of the interactions with customers is up to the store. Interactions can be created in real time, giving retailers the opportunity to increase their sales and the immediate satisfaction of their customers.
  • The agreement made it possible to integrate the Social-ID Marketing Platform with Motorola Solutions' MPact (Mobile Marketing Platform) technology, which uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for indoor locationing and allows stores to send personalized messages to customers in real time via push notifications, SMS, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The system is available in English and Portuguese and supports IOS and Android.
  • The software includes a "live" database that is synchronized with the customer's social profile, ensuring that the information is always up-to-date.
  • The user only has to authorize the tool once when registering. From then on, the user will be detected automatically on entering the store.

John Lima, CEO of Coffee Bean Tech
"With the solution developed by Motorola Solutions and Coffee Bean Technology, it is possible to interact with your customers in a personalized way, while they visit a shopping center, for example. Investing in this technology offers great cost-benefits to retailers, since it allows them to develop actions together with the shopping center. The solution also allows for the creation of a "live" database that is synchronized with social networks, which makes ongoing contact possible"

Ricardo Blancas, director of Enterprise Mobility for Motorola Solutions in Brazil
"The solution that resulted from this agreement with Coffee Bean Tech highlights the special features of Motorola’s AirDefense platform, which uses cellphone antennas, rather than cameras or GPS systems, for locationing. The market now has access to a unique technology that will help different sectors reach their customers"