Superb Audio

Powerful audio technology in MOTOTRBO radios makes your communications clear and efficient every time.

Intelligent Audio

Intelligent Audio monitors background noise and adjusts the radio speaker volume so you don't have to. Your calls will come through louder when you're on the noisy shop floor, but you won't disturb colleagues when you move to a quiet conference room. Set your volume and forget it.

Acoustic Feedback Suppressor

Acoustic Feedback Suppressor blocks audio feedback from other radios to eliminate unpleasant howling. This feature ensures you never need to step away to make a call and won't disrupt your co-workers.

Analog VS Digital Audio

MOTOTRBO Digital Voice technology provides clear communications over a greater range than legacy analog systems. Advanced signal processing techniques ensure that your voice will be intelligible to the very edge of coverage, where analog calls would become garbled and obscured by static.