WAVE Desktop Communicator

The WAVE Desktop Communicator Allows PC Users to Securely Talk to Two-way Radio and PTT Networks from any Location.

WAVE Desktop Communicator is Twisted Pair's most widely deployed application, with thousands of clients in daily use around the world supporting critical communications for the military, federal government and commercial organizations.

Intended for system users who do not have dispatch responsibilities, the WAVE Desktop Communicator client runs as a standalone Windows program or an ActiveX control that can be hosted through a web browser. As well as being able to talk on preconfigured channels and patches, an optional softphone enables users to make and take calls with support for multiple extensions, call hold, transfer and conferencing capabilities. WAVE Desktop Communicator is customizable, with user defined information panels for maps, speed dialing and radio controls, for example, and doesn’t interfere with other desktop operations.

WAVE Desktop Communicator Key Benefits

  • Desktop Communicator users can access hundreds of authorized communications channels from an industry-standard PC
  • Users can securely access their WAVE system from any location using a wired or wireless IP connection
  • Desktop Communicator configurations are defined by the WAVE system administrator and can be quickly updated and pushed out to individual users
  • Pre-configured patches allow users to participate in interoperable communications between multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communication systems
  • Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay give users a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes
  • Text messaging between users and other WAVE-enabled applications improves situational awareness and team effectiveness.