DMR Association Welcomes

04 July 2012 – DMR Association Welcomes Bei Feng as New Category 1 Member

LONDON, UK – 04 July 2012 – The Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association welcomes Fujian Bei Feng Telecom Technology Co., Ltd (China) as our newest Category 1* member. Bei Feng, established in 1989 and located in Quanzhou, is a Chinese manufacturer of professional two-way radio equipment. Equipped with an ISO 9001:2008-certified factory, Bei Feng market and sell their radios to industries such as National Security, Judicature, Police, Petroleum Chemistry, Manufacturing, Civil Aviation, Water Conservancy, Transport, Hotel and Property Management. Bei Feng manufactures two-way radios, repeaters and trunking systems.

Mario Micheli (of SELEX Elsag, Italy), Chair of the DMR Association “warmly welcomes Bei Feng as Category 1 members. Their involvement with the Association will strengthen our understanding of the Chinese market, as well as improve the awareness and education of the DMR standard in this region. Our goal is to reinforce DMR’s position as the most widely supported 21st century digital radio standard for business and a growing membership helps us do that”.

* Category 1 membership is the highest membership tier available to manufacturers of DMR equipment.