WAVE Desktop Communicator

The WAVE Desktop Communicator Allows PC Users to Securely Talk to Two-way Radio and PTT Networks from any Location.

WAVE Desktop Communicator is Twisted Pair's most widely deployed application, with thousands of clients in daily use around the world supporting critical communications for the military, federal government and commercial organizations.

Intended for system users who do not have dispatch responsibilities, the WAVE Desktop Communicator client runs as a standalone Windows program or an ActiveX control that can be hosted through a web browser. As well as being able to talk on preconfigured channels and patches, an optional softphone enables users to make and take calls with support for multiple extensions, call hold, transfer and conferencing capabilities. WAVE Desktop Communicator is customizable, with user defined information panels for maps, speed dialing and radio controls, for example, and doesn’t interfere with other desktop operations.

WAVE Desktop Communicator Key Benefits

  • Desktop Communicator users can access hundreds of authorized communications channels from an industry-standard PC
  • Users can securely access their WAVE system from any location using a wired or wireless IP connection
  • Desktop Communicator configurations are defined by the WAVE system administrator and can be quickly updated and pushed out to individual users
  • Pre-configured patches allow users to participate in interoperable communications between multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communication systems
  • Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay give users a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes
  • Text messaging between users and other WAVE-enabled applications improves situational awareness and team effectiveness.

WAVE Dispatch Communicator

WAVE Dispatch Communicator Provides a Rich and Powerful IP Dispatch Console for Today’s Critical Communications Environments.

Proven in some of the world’s most demanding military and government communications environments where only the most powerful and secure dispatch systems are accepted, WAVE Dispatch Communicator is a solution that any organization can trust with their critical communications.

Dispatch Communicator provides organizations with advanced IP dispatch capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware based systems, requiring only an industry-standard PC on which to operate. This approach provides users with increased functionality and flexibility over traditional hardware-based dispatch systems/consoles without the back-office hardware and bulky front-office console furniture. Dispatch Communicator can display and process unlimited numbers of channels of secure, encrypted audio with mixing, transcoding and instant replay available at the click of a mouse. All audio processing is managed by the software itself, requiring no additional specialized audio hardware typical in legacy IP dispatch systems.

WAVE Dispatch Communicator Key Benefits

  • WAVE Dispatch Communicator is the industry's most widely deployed and battle-tested IP Dispatch console
  • Operators can deploy, redeploy and provision instantaneous back-up services using WAVE Dispatch Communicators running on industry-standard PCs
  • Individual dispatchers can display and manage hundreds of channels that make up a complex and fluid communications environment
  • Multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communications systems can be patched together with just a few clicks of a mouse
  • Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay give dispatchers a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes
  • Text messaging between multiple WAVE Dispatch Communicator consoles and other WAVE-enabled applications improves situational awareness and dispatcher effectiveness.

WAVE Mobile Communicator

The WAVE Mobile Communicator Provides Real-time, Two-way, Push-to-Talk Across any WiFi or Wireless Data Network.

Twisted Pair WAVE Mobile Communicator ImageThe WAVE Mobile Communicator augments and extends critical communications by enabling smartphones and other specialty devices to securely communicate with any other communication system. With the WAVE Mobile Communicator, smartphone users can simply and inexpensively communicate securely with individuals or groups on other smartphones, with mobile workers on two-way radio networks and with users in their office environment.

When equipped with the WAVE Mobile Communicator, a smartphone acts like a multi-channel radio handset that sends and receives secure audio. Audio processing, management and distribution are managed by WAVE servers residing in an enterprise data center, in a cloud environment or, if needed, on an individual PC.

The WAVE Mobile Communicator architecture minimizes any security risks as no audio data or significant application content is resident on the device. If a device falls into the wrong hands there is no opportunity for reverse engineering of the application to produce a security threat to the user or system.

WAVE Mobile Communicator Key Benefits

  • Turn your smartphone into a multi-function communications handset that can do PTT with other smartphones using any carrier, and interact with other technologies such as two-way radio systems
  • The rapidly decreasing cost and increasing power of today's smartphones makes them a compelling alternative to single-function radio handsets in non-critical communications scenarios
  • Data network independence ensures almost global PTT coverage, allowing users to securely communicate from any location
  • Off-device audio processing optimizes battery life, allowing full-shift operation for mobile workers


Introducing The 1st Digital Radio Telephone Interconnect

Teldio RBX Telephone Interconnect Systems Diagram

RBX +Plus (Radio Branch Exchange) is the first digital radio telephony system from Teldio specifically designed to meet the needs of industries that require a customizable private mobile telephony network. RBX +Plus brings all the benefits and functionalities of corporate unified communications to digital radios, enabling industries to operate under one private business critical mobile telephony network. This product allows digital radios to communicate with phones while accessing familiar telephony features.

The software application is installed on the customer's digital radios as well as onto a standard server which connects radio networks to the world telephony. RBX +Plus was specifically designed for Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios. The solution is a cost effective alternative to cell-phones and Wi-Fi telephony systems for corporate mobile workforces

With Teldio's RBX +Plus application, workers in distress can call 911 or security radios within seconds at the push of a button. RBX +Plus also allows phone users to broadcast emergency messages to radio users on the radio network ensuring everyone is notified of the emergency at hand. Remote radio users in distress have access to emergency channels from locations with little or no cell-phone coverage. RBX +Plus enables your organization to respond rapidly to critical incidents when it matters most.

Teldio RBX Telephone Interconnect System Diagram

Eliminate recurring cell phone costs by implementing RBX +Plus and extending your telephony network's footprint. Teldio's telephone interconnect provides a long-term solution with no recurring costs. An interconnected radio system is a cost effective alternative to expensive Wi-Fi telephony systems; while Wi-Fi networks need access points in every room, two-way radios only require a repeater that can cover a radius of up to of 20 miles; penetrating effectively through walls and ceilings. Teldio's solution provides better coverage at a fraction of the cost.

In a corporate environment staying competitive goes hand in hand with maximizing productivity - this demands the most clear, reliable and flexible communication tools to keep your personnel working efficiently through long shifts. Teldio applications allow your workers to stay connected with their peers and the outside world right from their MOTOTRBO radios. RBX +Plus gives supervisors and managers the ability to reach employees on their radios from any phone, anywhere, anytime. Moreover, individual radio users and talkgroups can make and receive phone calls allowing them to stay connected with management.

RBX +Plus provides mobile telephony coverage where cell-phone providers cannot. By enabling telephony on the customer's radio network, RBX +Plus leverages the powerful range and in-building radio penetration of digital radios. RBX +Plus allows users to place & receive calls anywhere within 20 mile radius of the radio infrastructure. Greater control over your own private mobile telephony network reduces your dependency on cell phone carriers and allows employees to stay connected all the time from anywhere - whether it be from an underground parking lot or a remote campus location where cell phone providers are unable to provide coverage.


TurboTact Telephone Interconnect for MotoTRBO

TURBOTACT, the Telephone Access Control Terminal, interconnects a MOTOTRBO two-way radio system to an IP telephone system, an ordinary telephone line, or PABX extension. It allows you to make and receive telephone calls on your MOTOTRBO Motorola professional digital two-way radio mobiles and hand-helds. Other features include alarm dialer and relay control functions, and analog mode for fleets in the analog - digital migration stage.


Introducing TURBOTACT - the most powerful, yet simple to use telephone interconnect ever made.

  • All call, group call and private call capable
  • Half duplex - radio user has full voice path control using TX Interrupt
  • Talk to any telephone in the world
  • Last number redial
  • 100 speed dial numbers
  • Automatic disconnect
  • Record output for recording radio-telephone calls
  • Alarm dialer and controllable relay outputs
  • Analog mode for fleets still using analog transmission

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