Unified Retail Communications

TEAM Unified Retail CommunicationsCost Effective Wireless and Wired Go Anywhere Communication Services

With Unified Retail Communications, you can extend PBX features inside the four walls over the Wi-Fi network and outside the enterprise over the cellular network. Accommodate whatever devices are right for your various workgroups — including the devices your employees bring to the workplace. You can also integrate additional services into your existing telephony solution — like enterprise-class texting and professional push-to-talk between devices.This solution fits easily into your existing infrastructure for fast, easy and low-cost deployment.

Features and Benefits

Improved customer service

Customers can count on Unified Retail Communications to increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and sales. Anywhere, anytime voice capabilities enable store associates roaming the store to receive calls from customers and place calls to other stores.

Increased associate productivity

Unified Retail Communications connect associates across the entire store through wired and wireless telephony, enterprise text messaging and PTT - providing a direct and efficient communication link between colleagues, between managers and employees, and across different departments and stores.

Broad device support

With comprehensive device support, you are free to choose virtually any type of device for your workers. You can even accommodate the devices your employees bring to the workplace, providing support for “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies. Choose from Motorola voice-enabled mobile computers and VoWLAN smartphones; SIP deskphones; legacy analog deskphones; and third-party devices including Apple and Android-based smartphones.

Reduced telecom costs

Unified Retail Communications help you save money. SIP trunking eliminates the need for costly leased T1 lines. In addition, you can leverage your existing telephony investments, from handsets and two-way radios to wiring, yet still deploy the most advanced telephony features. With centralized and automated configuration and provisioning, management time and cost is reduced to a minimum.

Interoperability with other Motorola Solutions' advanced telephony and communication services

Since Unified Retail Communications is part of the Motorola software portfolio, you can easily integrate additional services into your telephony solution. For example, in addition to telephony functionality, you can also enable enterprise-class texting and professional push-to-talk between devices.