Total Enterprise Access and Mobility Solution Appliances

TEAM ServerWireless Services Manager (WSM), Network Services Manager (NSM)

The Wireless Services Manager (WSM) and Network Services Manager (NSM) are components of Motorola’s Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) solution, which turns the desktop into a pocketable virtual office, delivering cost-effective mobile access to the voice and data services needed to increase productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction.

The TEAM solution easily integrates into existing IT infrastructure (WLAN, PBX) as a non-intrusive overlay, creating a single common platform for the delivery of integrated voice and data services. This is achieved with the addition of two key components: the WSM appliance, which provides complete control over all voice features, and the NSM software, which provides centralized managing, monitoring and provisioning.

Features and Benefits

Appliance-based architecture enables a single platform to deliver converged voice and data communications

Motorola’s Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) solution turns the desktop and desk phone into a pocketable mobile office, providing mobile access to the key voice and data business services workers need to stay productive wherever they are:

  • PBX Telephony: extend the features and functionality of a desk phone on a mobile device
  • Push-to-Talk services: Instant communications; one-to-one or group call (up to 255 groups)
  • Personal information management (PIM) tools: Corporate email, calendar, contacts and other applications keep workers in touch and on top of their schedule, task list and more.
  • Text messaging: Service within the WLAN enables workers to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently.
  • Internet/Intranet access: Easy access to web-based applications and information as needed throughout the business day.
  • Line of business applications: Enables workers to access customer data records, place orders, check inventory and more.
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC): Extends services outside the enterprise over cellular networks on some of today's most popular smartphones such as the Apple® iPhone® and Motorola Droid.

This appliance-based architecture delivers a number of unique advantages:

Common architecture

Standalone voice and data systems are replaced with a common architecture that enables all TEAM solutions

Enterprise scalability

Support for up to 4,500 users per WSM

Easy integration

Interoperability with legacy TDM and SIP-based PBXs as well as wireless LAN infrastructure

Improves battery life

The WSM handles the majority of the processing required to maintain connections, eliminating much of the burden from the mobile device

Highly efficient PTT

Minimizes the traffic load typically associated with walkie-talkie style voice communications, protecting the WLAN performance and throughput

Comprehensive access to PBX features

Provides a means to overcome PBX interface limitations, enabling enterprises to fully leverage and mobilize PBX features

Robust security and management policies

Enables IT to easily and remotely secure and manage voice and data services from a single point of control