WAVE Dispatch Communicator

WAVE Dispatch Communicator Provides a Rich and Powerful IP Dispatch Console for Today’s Critical Communications Environments.

Proven in some of the world’s most demanding military and government communications environments where only the most powerful and secure dispatch systems are accepted, WAVE Dispatch Communicator is a solution that any organization can trust with their critical communications.

Dispatch Communicator provides organizations with advanced IP dispatch capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware based systems, requiring only an industry-standard PC on which to operate. This approach provides users with increased functionality and flexibility over traditional hardware-based dispatch systems/consoles without the back-office hardware and bulky front-office console furniture. Dispatch Communicator can display and process unlimited numbers of channels of secure, encrypted audio with mixing, transcoding and instant replay available at the click of a mouse. All audio processing is managed by the software itself, requiring no additional specialized audio hardware typical in legacy IP dispatch systems.

WAVE Dispatch Communicator Key Benefits

  • WAVE Dispatch Communicator is the industry's most widely deployed and battle-tested IP Dispatch console
  • Operators can deploy, redeploy and provision instantaneous back-up services using WAVE Dispatch Communicators running on industry-standard PCs
  • Individual dispatchers can display and manage hundreds of channels that make up a complex and fluid communications environment
  • Multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communications systems can be patched together with just a few clicks of a mouse
  • Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay give dispatchers a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes
  • Text messaging between multiple WAVE Dispatch Communicator consoles and other WAVE-enabled applications improves situational awareness and dispatcher effectiveness.