WAVE Mobile Communicator

The WAVE Mobile Communicator Provides Real-time, Two-way, Push-to-Talk Across any WiFi or Wireless Data Network.

Twisted Pair WAVE Mobile Communicator ImageThe WAVE Mobile Communicator augments and extends critical communications by enabling smartphones and other specialty devices to securely communicate with any other communication system. With the WAVE Mobile Communicator, smartphone users can simply and inexpensively communicate securely with individuals or groups on other smartphones, with mobile workers on two-way radio networks and with users in their office environment.

When equipped with the WAVE Mobile Communicator, a smartphone acts like a multi-channel radio handset that sends and receives secure audio. Audio processing, management and distribution are managed by WAVE servers residing in an enterprise data center, in a cloud environment or, if needed, on an individual PC.

The WAVE Mobile Communicator architecture minimizes any security risks as no audio data or significant application content is resident on the device. If a device falls into the wrong hands there is no opportunity for reverse engineering of the application to produce a security threat to the user or system.

WAVE Mobile Communicator Key Benefits

  • Turn your smartphone into a multi-function communications handset that can do PTT with other smartphones using any carrier, and interact with other technologies such as two-way radio systems
  • The rapidly decreasing cost and increasing power of today's smartphones makes them a compelling alternative to single-function radio handsets in non-critical communications scenarios
  • Data network independence ensures almost global PTT coverage, allowing users to securely communicate from any location
  • Off-device audio processing optimizes battery life, allowing full-shift operation for mobile workers