Unified Retail Communications

TEAM Unified Retail CommunicationsCost Effective Wireless and Wired Go Anywhere Communication Services

With Unified Retail Communications, you can extend PBX features inside the four walls over the Wi-Fi network and outside the enterprise over the cellular network. Accommodate whatever devices are right for your various workgroups — including the devices your employees bring to the workplace. You can also integrate additional services into your existing telephony solution — like enterprise-class texting and professional push-to-talk between devices.This solution fits easily into your existing infrastructure for fast, easy and low-cost deployment.

Features and Benefits

Improved customer service

Customers can count on Unified Retail Communications to increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and sales. Anywhere, anytime voice capabilities enable store associates roaming the store to receive calls from customers and place calls to other stores.

Increased associate productivity

Unified Retail Communications connect associates across the entire store through wired and wireless telephony, enterprise text messaging and PTT - providing a direct and efficient communication link between colleagues, between managers and employees, and across different departments and stores.

Broad device support

With comprehensive device support, you are free to choose virtually any type of device for your workers. You can even accommodate the devices your employees bring to the workplace, providing support for “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies. Choose from Motorola voice-enabled mobile computers and VoWLAN smartphones; SIP deskphones; legacy analog deskphones; and third-party devices including Apple and Android-based smartphones.

Reduced telecom costs

Unified Retail Communications help you save money. SIP trunking eliminates the need for costly leased T1 lines. In addition, you can leverage your existing telephony investments, from handsets and two-way radios to wiring, yet still deploy the most advanced telephony features. With centralized and automated configuration and provisioning, management time and cost is reduced to a minimum.

Interoperability with other Motorola Solutions' advanced telephony and communication services

Since Unified Retail Communications is part of the Motorola software portfolio, you can easily integrate additional services into your telephony solution. For example, in addition to telephony functionality, you can also enable enterprise-class texting and professional push-to-talk between devices.

Mobile Extension Client

Motorola TEAM Mobile Extension ClientEasily enable new types of devices in the enterprise

Give your workers the tools they need to be more productive, more collaborative and more responsive — right on their smartphones and mobile computers. With the Mobile Extension Client, workers get mobile access to toll-quality PBX telephony, enterprise-grade push-to-talk (PTT), text messaging, backend business applications, email, Internet, your Intranet and more to better serve the most important asset in your business — your customer.

Features and Benefits

Easily enable new types of devices in the enterprise

Give your workers the tools they need to be more productive, more collaborative and more responsive — on select Motorola mobile computers and smartphones. With the Mobile Extension Client, workers get mobile access to toll-quality PBX telephony, enterprise-grade push-to-talk (PTT), text messaging, backend business applications, email, Internet, your Intranet and more to better serve the most important asset in your business — your customer.

Push-to-talk Professional

Enables private and group calls to workers carrying different types of devices, such as Motorola mobile computers, two-way radios and third-party smartphones; (works with any other smartphone running the Mobile Extension Client and any Motorola Solutions mobile computer running Push-to-Talk Express; connection to two-way radios also requires Radio Link).

Enterprise text messaging

Enables instant communications between workers inside the four walls via the wireless LAN and over the cellular network on today’s popular smartphones via Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).

EWB100 Push-to-Talk over WLAN Enterprise Wireless Communicator

Motorola TEAM EWB100The EWB100 brings a new level of portability and affordability to mobile voice, enabling easy deployment of basic Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice communications over the wireless LAN. A mere 1.6 oz/45.37g, the tiny wearable device enables enterprises to empower virtually any task worker with the ability to send, receive and privately respond to PTT broadcast calls. Interoperability with a range of Motorola mobile computers (equipped with Push-to-Talk Express), VoWLAN EWP series smartphones and two-way radios (through Radio Link) keeps task workers connected to their workgroup, supervisors and more, improving collaboration, task management and productivity.

Small, compact and lightweight: just 1.6 oz./45.37g and 2.5 in. L x 1.5 in W / 6.35 cm L x3.81 cm W with integrated rotating clip and accessory attachment point

Brings a new miniature form factor to voice; unobtrusive in any environment; easy to carry — can be clipped to a shirt or belt, tucked in a pocket or attached to a neck or wrist lanyard

Push-to-Talk over WLAN

Provides convenient PTT communications without the need for additional infrastructure; allows employees to address issues, answer questions, obtain a task and more, right on the spot


Wi-Fi compatibility allows you to leverage your existing WLAN; enables cost-effective voice wherever you have WLAN coverage

IP54 sealing

Delivers reliable performance despite exposure to dust and spills; enables wipe downs — ideal in environments where a single TEAM badge is utilized by multiple workers

5 ft./1.5m drop specification

Provides reliable operation despite drops and bumps

600mAh Li-ion internal battery

Provides ample power for extended shifts

Sealed headset jack

Highly durable headset jack supports multiple headset options (with adapter); 15,000 insertion rating protects the reliability and quality of the voice connection throughout the life of the device

Simple 5-button user interface

Easy to use and highly intuitive, practically eliminating the need for training

Top-facing speaker

Directs sound toward the user for peak acoustics; improves ease of use and helps ensure workers can easily hear incoming calls

High quality speaker and microphone

Motorola-class acoustic performance; easy to hear, even in noisy environments; based on best- in-class specifications for loudness, frequency response, distortion and echo/noise suppression technologies

Total Enterprise Access and Mobility Solution Appliances

TEAM ServerWireless Services Manager (WSM), Network Services Manager (NSM)

The Wireless Services Manager (WSM) and Network Services Manager (NSM) are components of Motorola’s Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) solution, which turns the desktop into a pocketable virtual office, delivering cost-effective mobile access to the voice and data services needed to increase productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction.

The TEAM solution easily integrates into existing IT infrastructure (WLAN, PBX) as a non-intrusive overlay, creating a single common platform for the delivery of integrated voice and data services. This is achieved with the addition of two key components: the WSM appliance, which provides complete control over all voice features, and the NSM software, which provides centralized managing, monitoring and provisioning.

Features and Benefits

Appliance-based architecture enables a single platform to deliver converged voice and data communications

Motorola’s Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) solution turns the desktop and desk phone into a pocketable mobile office, providing mobile access to the key voice and data business services workers need to stay productive wherever they are:

  • PBX Telephony: extend the features and functionality of a desk phone on a mobile device
  • Push-to-Talk services: Instant communications; one-to-one or group call (up to 255 groups)
  • Personal information management (PIM) tools: Corporate email, calendar, contacts and other applications keep workers in touch and on top of their schedule, task list and more.
  • Text messaging: Service within the WLAN enables workers to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently.
  • Internet/Intranet access: Easy access to web-based applications and information as needed throughout the business day.
  • Line of business applications: Enables workers to access customer data records, place orders, check inventory and more.
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC): Extends services outside the enterprise over cellular networks on some of today's most popular smartphones such as the Apple® iPhone® and Motorola Droid.

This appliance-based architecture delivers a number of unique advantages:

Common architecture

Standalone voice and data systems are replaced with a common architecture that enables all TEAM solutions

Enterprise scalability

Support for up to 4,500 users per WSM

Easy integration

Interoperability with legacy TDM and SIP-based PBXs as well as wireless LAN infrastructure

Improves battery life

The WSM handles the majority of the processing required to maintain connections, eliminating much of the burden from the mobile device

Highly efficient PTT

Minimizes the traffic load typically associated with walkie-talkie style voice communications, protecting the WLAN performance and throughput

Comprehensive access to PBX features

Provides a means to overcome PBX interface limitations, enabling enterprises to fully leverage and mobilize PBX features

Robust security and management policies

Enables IT to easily and remotely secure and manage voice and data services from a single point of control

Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) Radio Link Solution (RLS)

Motorola TEAM RLSThe TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS) enables enterprises with existing two-way radio systems to extend their PTT talk group communications to TEAM devices. Available as an optional module for the TEAM VoWLAN solution, or as a stand-alone system, the RLS lets both two-way radio users and TEAM device users reach more colleagues, further enhancing responsiveness and productivity, while leveraging existing IT infrastructure.

The TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS) Express leverages Motorola’s expertise in robust Push to Talk (PTT) solutions. Enterprises with two-way radio systems can extend their communications capabilities by deploying the RLS. The RLS enables two-way radio users to communicate with users of TEAM Express enabled devices, allowing an enterprise to provide the right device for every employee while maintaining communications between groups of users.

Features and Benefits

The optional TEAM RLS module utilizes the TEAM Feature appliance (this is the same hardware used for the TEAM VoWLAN solution Wireless Services Manager(WSM) ), which together with the Radio Interface Unit (RIU), act as a gateway to two-way radio donor devices.

The donors function as transceivers to field radio devices, The RLS application simply bridges the radio communications to TEAM VoWLAN and TEAM Express field devices. The stand-alone TEAM RLS Express solution functions similarly, and uses the same hardware appliance and RIU as the integrated RLS, but does not include TEAM VoWLAN capabilities or require PBX integration

Extensive interoperability

The TEAM RLS delivers PTT interoperability between two-way radios and TEAM VoWLAN smartphones and TEAM Express enabled devices (including a broad range of Motorola mobile computers and TEAM Badges (EWB100)), allowing different workers and work groups to use the best device for their specific needs while maintaining interoperability with other workers and work groups with different devices.

High performance

Audio and signal processing are handled in real time to deliver rapid and reliable connectivity as well as superior audio quality.

Leverage existing investments

The optional TEAM RLS module shares the same appliance as the TEAM VoWLAN WSM, minimizing hardware expense and space required. The stand-alone TEAM RLS Express also utilizes this hardware, making future extension to TEAM VoWLAN a software only* upgrade. The TEAM RLS also allows enterprises to use their existing two-way radios and Motorola mobile computers.

Focused communications

TEAM RLS accommodates up to 8 talk groups (requires 2 Radio Interface Units (RIU)), enabling enterprises to target communications to the right users