Motorola ATEX

ATEX for hazardous environments

Motorola Professional Series ATEX Radios

The choice for professionals in hazardous environments - GP340 EX, GP380 EX, GP580 EX and GP680 EX

Motorola GP340 ATEX BlueMotorola GP380 ATEX BlueMotorola GP580 ATEX BlueMotorola GP680 ATEX Blue

Whether onan oil rig, in a gas installation or another potentially explosive environment, safe and reliable communications are paramount. That is why Motorola has brought together three key elements: its 75 year expertise in communications; its wide experience of producing two-way radios for use in hazardous environments; and its proven Professional Series two-way radio platform.Motorola’s ATEX-approved Professional Series Portable Radios give team members instant access to one or many colleagues at the touch of a button, without compromising safety, and allow constant contact should a critical situation need resolving.


Renowned for their durability, Motorola Professional Series Portable Radios offer unrivalled crystal clear audio quality by activating either Motorola’s X-Pand™ technology or ‘Low Level Expansion.’ This reduces noise usually heard during conversational pauses. When discretion is key, the ‘whisper’ function means that even the quietest message can be transmitted and understood. Robust and reliable, all radios have passed Motorola’s rigorous Accelerated Life Test which simulates fi ve years of hard use in the fi eld, and are IP64 compliant for use in environments where dust ingress can leave other radios standing. In addition, the Motorola Professional Series Portable Radios are designed and built to exceed the 11 applicable tests of the exacting standard MIL Spec 810F; the quality hallmark of the US military.

ATEX EX Description


The visible blue colour of the ATEX radios is the offi cial ATEX colour recognised by professional users. The blue colour increases safety for user with mixed fl eet of ATEX and non-ATEX radios. The dedicated blue ATEX colour will help ensure that users bring only ATEX approved radios into potentially explosive environments.

Press the highly visible orange Emergency Button to initiate the organisation’s defi ned emergency communications procedure. Providing even greater safety for employees in hazardous environments, Motorola provides a new ATEX-approved mandown option board for the GP340, GP380 and GP680 ATEX radios. This factory-fi tted option board automatically summons assistance when the radio falls over or remains motionless for a predetermined time period.

Additional safety features include a specially- designed battery connection that prevents non-ATEX approved batteries from being fi tted to the radios. The lockable accessory connector plug features a tamper-proof screw to control the use of accessories.


Avoid missed calls as the Channel Scan function allows activity on different communications channels to be monitored and answered. When working offsite or close to other users, ‘Talkaround’ lets users communicate without using the system or dispatcher.


The GP340 EX, GP380 EX, GP580 EX and GP680 EX are supported by a range of ATEX-approved audio accessories including, headsets and remote speaker microphones tailored to the requirements of today’s radio users.

GP340 EX & GP380 EX

Users of PL/5-Tone signalling radios can upgrade or add to their fl eet with the Popular GP340 EX or the Versatile GP380 EX.

With 16 communication channels, the GP340 EX is the simple two-way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact. Its streamlined features allow users to concentrate on the job with help only a button press away. When the user is unavailable to receive calls, the Call Forward function means that the message gets through to a colleague who can help. An audible low battery alert helps users sidestep radio downtime.

To protect users further, both radios feature a built in ‘Lone Worker’ tool. Should a user not respond to a regular warning signal then Emergency Signalling is activated, as defi ned by the organisation. The 255-channel GP380 EX is designed for more sophisticated users who require the added functionality of a full keypad and need to communicate with a larger number of users and groups.

In addition to the features of the GP340 EX, GP380 EX users benefi t from the ease-of-use afforded by a 14-character 7-language alphanumeric display containing a battery gauge. The contact list function means that callers can be quickly and easily identifi ed and prioritised. In addition, predefi ned text messages can be sent between GP380 EX users to communicate meaningful messages when it is inconvenient or inappropriate to send a voice message.

GP580 EX

For users of StartSite, SmartZone and SmartNet systems, the Versatile GP580 EX provides organisations with the combined power of a trunked radio system and a Motorola Professional Series radio suitable for use in a potentially hazardous environment.

The RSSI roaming feature extends communications beyond the reach of a single trunked site for seamless communication. When moving between trunked sites, the radio will switch to the strongest available signal. Communication security is key and Selective Radio Inhibit allows a radio to be blocked remotely should it be lost or stolen, and unblocked upon retrieval. The Remote Monitor Function lets authorised individuals listen to voice traffi c should a security issue be identifi ed.

Manage Emergencies with the integrated emergency alarm that gives priority access to defi ned talkgroups and identifi es the radio user who requires assistance. Emergency calls can be directed to specifi c talkgroups, sites or announcement groups.

The alpha-numeric and iconic display allows easy access to the intuitive menu, talkgroup identities, phone book and contact list. Along with a battery gauge icon, these are all features that make using the GP580 EX easy.

GP680 EX

Organisations with MPT1327/MPT1343 systems can harness the power of an ATEXapproved Motorola Professional Series Portable Radio with the Versatile GP680 EX.

GP680 EX users benefi t from the ease-of-use afforded by a 14-character 9-language alphanumeric display containing a battery gauge and signal strength indicator.

The contact list function makes calls easy and allows inbound callers to be quickly and easily identifi ed and prioritised. In addition, predefi ned text messages can be sent between GP680 EX users to communicate meaningful messages when it is inconvenient or inappropriate to use voice.

Avoid radio downtime thanks to Dynamic Regrouping for over-the-air reconfi guration of the radio plus download of group names.